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Jan 2

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Friday, January 02, 2009

Blog Advertising Campaign for Alaivani

  1. All recommendations for ads are chosen at discretion of blog author, Jennifer Kumar.
  2. All ad submissions will be replied to within two weeks.
  3. All ads will open into a separate browser.
  4. No JavaScript ads, no animation, or videos.
  5. Contract dates start from the first day of the next calendar month, ending three, six or 12 months later. For example, if you submit an ad on February 10, and want it posted for three months, your contract would extend from March 1- May 31.
  6. If rates increase, your rate will not increase during your contract, but would increase if you renew your ad spot.
  7. The longest contract had is a one year contract. If you want to post longer than one year, you must renew after one year at the rates posted at that time.


Text Links on Left Column

  1. These links will be visible on 90-100% of the pages of this blog.
  2. Maximum text links on left side-5.
  3. Maximum words in the ad -5.
  4. Font size and color will not differ to the rest of the blog.

Regular costs for text ads in left side bar:

Per each 3 months – US$5


Banner Ads:

  1. All banner ads will be placed at the bottom of the left column, under the Alaivani Soaps ad, visible in 90-100% of blog pages.
  2. No JavaScript, animation or videos. Most static images with hyperlinks acceptable.
  3. Image banners must be ready to post. Blog author will not create your ad.

125X125 image banner ads

Maximum available – 3

Per each 3 months – US$15


Text ads on particular posts

  1. Currently the only posts eligible for ads within the blog post are the TOP 20. (See top 20 posts here.)
  2. Ads on these pages will be listed only after the bottom of the post where it reads, Thank you for reading.”
  3. Maximum text ads per post -5
  4. Maximum words per text ad- 20.
  5. Font size and color will not differ to the rest of the post.
  6. If the post is about a particular holiday, posting the ad during that month of the holiday will incur additional charge of $5 for that month only

Regular costs for text ads in posts:

Per each 3 months – US$10 (additional US$5 for month of holiday, if applicable)


Benefits for you to advertise on Alaivani

  1. Alaivani has over 3,000,000 hits. About 70% of the traffic consists of direct visitors to the site, rather than through RSS or search engines.
  2. Alaivani domain has been active since March 2007. Alaivani is a continuation of an my previous website, established in 1997.  (Previous site homepage.)
  3. Daily hits range from 5,000-80,000. High hits had on holidays, such as Diwali and Pongal (See top 20 Posts) (More statistic details, posted September 2008)
  4. Months having most hits in 2008, January, September, November (200,000+ each), October (600,000+).
  5. Over 600 subscribers receive Alaivani’s monthly newsletter through the site, Yahoo! and other social networking sites.
  6. Top 5 countries this site reaches: USA, India, UK, Canada, United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Terms and Conditions of accepting ads on Alaivani:

  1. There is no exclusivity.
  2. All ads posted on the first of the next month your ad is approved.
  3. Payments must be received within 24 hours of posting the ad, or it will be removed.
  4. Payments done by paypal to jenkumar@gmail.com.
  5. Once ad is posted, and payment received, advertiser can not ask for a refund. The ad will stay for the duration of the contract unless there is extenuating circumstances.
  6. If ad spots are full, contact me to be put on waiting list.
  7. There no claims or guarantees as to any specific number of leads or sales as the result of advertisements placed on this Alaivani.
  8. Advertisements submitted are reviewed before a decision is made to post. All requests for advertisements will be responded to within two weeks.
  9. Advertising related to nudity, pornography, immoral or illegal subjects is not accepted. Alaivani has the right to accept or reject any submission upon review.
  10. Once an ad is posted, if any changes are to be made the advertiser has up to two weeks to make one change. (A change to the advertisement does not alter the contract period, contract period starts from the first day of any given month the ad is posted, even if changes are made.)
  11. Advertisers can post up to three ads at the same time, one text ad, one banner ad and one ad in a post, cost will be sum total of what is listed above.




If you are interested in advertising on Alaivani, fill out this form by clicking here.



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