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Apr 28

Written by: Jayanthi
Saturday, April 28, 2007

Alters Share a photo of your alter and list the items in it (not more than 50 words).


Connecting the dots…  Share your nighttime adventures (dreams) and daytime experiences and how the symbols and/or experience coincide or fortell the unexpected!


Folklore/Mythology  Share fables/fairy tales, folk talkes, gods/goddesses of the world, mythological creatures, myth in daily life.


Hinduism in a Hurry  Tidbits on Hindu spirituality posted on a regular basis (not more than 30 words).


Native American Wisdom- Shamanic Healing, Medicine Wheels, Totems, Moons, Winds, Sweat Lodge, etc.


Simply Sitting Swami… Share your favorite variety of meditation or meditative experience (not more than 200 words).


Spiritual Integration  What do different faith/spiritual/religious traditions have in common?  Have you personally experienced these commonalities?  How has it changed your life?  How has the integration broke outdated thinking? 


The Power of Now Reflections on the art of not multitasking and totally being present in the current moment. (As discussed in the Ekhart Tolle book, The Power of Now.)


Tomorrow Told Through…Tarot, Astrology, Crystal Balls, Palmistry, Tea Leaves, Handwriting Analysis, other Divination Systems


Two halves make a whole.. Share a story of opposites (duality) experienced in daily life.  How did this experience show you balance?


World Spirituality 101  Introduction to various ancient spiritual systems and beliefs around the world, submitted as one brief article or a series of articles.


You can say that again… Share a mantra, positive affirmation, prayer, chant, etc. not more than 20 words.

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