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Apr 28

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Saturday, April 28, 2007

Circle of Life  Rituals of birth (baby showers, beliefs/methods about birthing, naming rituals, first haircut, first bite of solid food) and death (burial, cremation, mourning period, honoring the passed ancestors).


Comfort in daily ritual  How do you feel connected to others and the universe on a daily basis? Where did this ritual stem from? What has it meant to you over the years?


Family Evolution  How has your family changed over the decades?  Have family legacies, traditions, thought patterns, stereotypes changed over the years?  How was that identified and accomplished?  How has your family grown closer in this process?


Family Matters  What does it mean to you to be a holistic parent? Share a story from personal experience.


Home is where the Heart is… How traditional architecture (vaastu shashtra, Feng Shui) can enhance your life.  Life in traditional homes (wigwams, tepee, long house, mud huts, etc.).  House blessing, smudging, space clearing, earth acupressure, geopathic stress, etc.


Household Hints  How do you save time maintaining your home, inside or out.  Share tips on getting out that stubborn stain, growing the perfect tomato, gettting the grime out, etc. without the use of harsh chemicals.


Traditions Throughout Time  Share traditions or rituals that occur on a broader schedule (monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, yearly, every few years, etc.).  Where did it stem from? What has it meant to you over the years? 


Tying the knot Share marriage traditions around the world.


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