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Apr 28

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Saturday, April 28, 2007

Holy-days (Holidays) Religious and non-religious holidays and their meanings. What are the origins? What is the meaning of the holiday? Does the meaning or method of celebration differ in different parts of the same country of origin or when celebrated in different locations around the world. 


Cultural Integration Share your stories or insights on cross cultural integration or reflections in your life.  (Moving between countries, village life, city life, socio-economic change, gender/race/cultural/religious/spiritual integration or reflections.)


Shared Responsibility  Reveal your thoughts on how nations or groups of people affect each other based on politics, trade, economics, law, and other viewpoints.


Signs and Symbols Share signs/symbols that represent your various groups (country, state, family, caste, clan, tribe, friend’s group), their origin, meaning, and change over time (ex. If a different group has borrowed/stole the symbol and changed the meaning).  Please also send a small image of the symbol to be published with the article.


Sound of Music Submit articles on traditional music forms, instruments, spiritual songs (with English translations and meanings, if needed), etc.


Tapping into your creativity  Use of mandalas, kolum/rangoli, labyrinths, and other art forms for relaxation, spiritual connection, therapy, entertainment, etc. Prefer a photo of a sample of work connected with your article.


That Smells like… The power of smell is very strong and long lasting.  Soon as a smell is registered it can take you back to a time in your past… Share your odorific story!


Wander the World  Share your travel journeys around the world or around the block.


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