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Oct 29

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, October 29, 2010

by: Jennifer Kumar, Cross-Cultural Coach

Sometimes two or more sounds in the same language are not only made the same way but sound so similar that even when 'native speakers' don't talk clearly we misunderstand each other. This series will help us distinguish similar sounds by fine tuning our ears and also our pronuciation skills so we can both hear and speak correctly!

Today's lesson is "How to Pronounce P and B"

I will show you how to pronounce P and B in American English by the use of already created YouTube videos by other ESL, ESOL or English teachers out there! Thanks for making these videos!

In this lesson, I share two videos that demonstrate how to form and make the English sounds P and B along with examples in two of the videos of words that these sounds come in.




Since only learning how to pronounce the sounds is half of effective communication, next week, I will share a podcast on tuning your ear to hear these sounds.



Author of this article, Jennifer Kumar, is a cross-cultural coach helping people get used to life in America through individualized coaching centered on accent reduction or cross-cultural strategies in finding work, making friends, doing daily tasks, raising a family and much more. Follow her on Facebook.

Thank you! Keep tuned in for next week's continuation of this lesson.

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