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Sep 12

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My father in law has come to visit us for Onam this year, little would he know he would tally his Sadhya (feast) count to five!onasadhya.JPG 


My father in law, whom I call Dad, celebrated Onam in a grand way before coming to US in addition to three celebrations here in US!  In Trivandrum, he celebrated with a grand Sadhya (Feast) at our family’s home in Trivandrum and also along with the students, staff and community of the Sainik School in Trivandrum.  That was a grand festival with pookalam (flower decoration) contests and other great festivities.


Then, coming here, to US, Dad has helped us create two Sadhyas in the home, one we ate on ThiruOnam day (which fell on a Monday) and one we had on a weekend and invited over a group of friends.  Both days we had a great feast and created unique pookalams for the home as well.


The third Sadhya had here in US was on September 8, when the Rochester Malayalee Association had it’s Onam function.  This was a great day full of good company, great talent (performing, cooking and photography) and great food!  What Onam celebration is not had with a traditional Sadhya on an ella (banana leaf), rice with ghee and dhal, sambar rice, curries, pickles, aviyal and of course several types of payasam (pudding) and banana chips or a banana dish of some kind?  Of course, just about everything has a hint of coconut, also!


I have been to the Malayalee Onam functions over the past two years and this one is most special because of getting to know the community members on more a personal level.  This year I was one of 10 in the thiruvathirakali dance and we also hosted many practices at our house, so the girls came over regularly and we got to know each other very well. 


Thank you for participating in our Onam festivities by seeing our photos and videos, waiting to meet next year for Onam.

Malayalee Onam Festival  |  At our home.Videos on Youtube.

More about Onam.



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