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Dec 10

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Monday, December 10, 2007

by: Jennifer Kumar

When I was growing up, family members would watch television and from the next room, I would hear people talking back to the television.  This talking sometimes turned in
to shouting, but the talking to the television seemed to only occur if the show that was playing elicited strong and negative feelings.


Rather than turning the channel, which seems easy enough, people would continue watching the show, shouting at the television and becoming increasingly more and more upset and even angry.


Why not turn the channel?  What prevents us from turning the channel?cathode.jpg


Of course, back then the television did not have a remote, so laziness to get up and walk to the television was one reason.  Another reason, more compelling, is that sensational topics draw people in without realizing what is happening.  This is how people become zombies of the television.


Why would anyone consciously do that to themselves? Isn’t there better, more positive ways to use one’s energy?


Seems reasonable, but I have observed many people get caught up in such sensational and unproductive thought patterns more often than it is admitted. I am not referring only to the television here, but the thoughts or dialogues we have in our own minds. It’s almost like the thoughts become mesmerizing, hypnotizing, difficult to break away from.  People get caught up in worry and thought and are too lazy or too tuned into the frustration to turn the channel.  As we surely have the power to turn the channel while watching television, we surely have the power to turn the channel in our own minds.


Sounds easy, but for many it is not as easy as it sounds.  On television, ratings seem to drop when we don’t hear about society’s ills.  And, many love to watch the talk shows where people are fighting over something and causing each other pain.  Why watch that?  Would you want people to sit idly by and watch you in pain?  Somehow television makes it appear less real, but it is very real.  In our minds a similar thing is going on.  People get worried and stressed leading to a variety of emotional and physical aches and pains, and later, serious diseases.


So, next time you find yourself watching something that upsets you or thinking thoughts that bring your energy and mood down, pick up the remote and turn the channel to a higher frequency and brighten your day!


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