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Apr 16

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Submitted by BN Kartha

Thrissur Pooram, the festival of festivals is the most sought after Pooram of Poorams for the Keralites is celebrated during the Malayalam month of Medam (April-May, corresponding English calendar) and this year it falls on the 21st of April 2013 corresponding Malayalam date 3rd Medam 1183.  The festivities start on the morning of the Pooram day and goes on till the early hours of the next day culminating in colourful and mammoth fireworks.

Thrissur Pooram by fishphry ><((((º> 's


The chief attraction of the Thrissur Pooram are the Gold caparisoned elephants (around 15) representing the Thiruvambadi (Krishna) temple and Parammekkavu (Devi) temple lining up opposite each other in the Thekkumkadu Maidan in the foreyard of Vadakkumnathan temple in Trichur, the Kuda Mattom (changing of umbrellas), the Panchavadyam, Althara Melam, Panchari Melam and finally the fireworks by both the sections vying to show each other’s cultural and artistic proves in making the colourful umbrellas worn by each elephant and the Melams and not to be left behind the final fireworks.  To see all these people from all over assemble there and watch spellbound mainly the fireworks.  This is a healthy and harmonious show of  two sections’ might.

Behind this colourful show is the concerted and dedicated efforts of thousands of artisans over a couple of months and their satisfaction after all the show is over.


  Photos of decorated elephants of Thrissur Pooram and other festivities.



1. As I am still getting a grip on the Malayalam calendar, I was curious to know if Thrissur Pooram falls two days after Vishu on a yearly basis (as this year, Vishu fell on April 14). Vishu falls every year on Medam 1 in the Malayalam calendar- this does not deviate. However, Thrissur Pooram falls on the Poornam Naksthram day of Medam month- this being the case, the star (nakshtram) called Poornam does not fall on the same day in any calendar, so this year it just so happens to fall two days after Vishu, on Medam 3. Last year, Thrissur Pooram actually fell on April 27 or Medam 14, 13 days after Vishu. Incidently, Thrissur Pooram falls on April 27 in 2009 also, the same day as Akshya Thirithya.

2. We were watching live feed of Thrissur Pooram on Kairali TV (Kerala satellite TV) and noticed in the bulging crowd there is no female presence. We both wonder why no girls or females are there in a state where the females outnumber males.


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Re: Thrissur Pooram - Kerala Celebration Where Decorated Elephants Steel the Show!

Pooram 2010 falls on Saturday the 24th of April 2010. Flag hoisting was done today a few hours back in Trichur


By Nanda Kishore Kuruppal on   Sunday, April 18, 2010

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