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Jan 3

Written by: Jayanthi
Thursday, January 03, 2008

Western - Vedic Calendars
Western/ Hindi/ Tamil/ Malayalam

by: Jennifer Kumar, Cross-Cultural Coach
comments welcome

Unlike the Western calendar, which is very consistent and predictable without using astrological data, the Hindu calendars use either the sun or moon to determine the months, both in what day they start and in some cases, in their duration.

This article deals with the differences between the Western Calendar, the North Indian Hindu calendar and the South Indian Hindu Calendar. The North Indian Hindu calendar is followed in all states of India except Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Though, I have used the Tamil words to signify the months, this calendar is similar to the Kerala (Malayalam) calendar.

The Hindu calendars begin in the equivalent English month March- April, this is because this is when their New Year falls. Though Indian Hindus do celebrate January 1st as a new year, traditionally their new year falls in that time period. It is true, also that the Tamil and Malayalam new year falls after the New Year for the rest the Hindu Indian calendar. It is also true that their calendar does follow a different year in numbers, it is not 2003. I am not sure of the number of their year though.


Vedic Sun Signs:
In Vedic Astrology, the sun signsare called 'rasis', this is because
the sun's movement coincides with these rasis. Hence the Tamil and the Western Zodic are somewhat similiar in this. Below detail the rasis listed in Tamil and their equivalent English names.

Mesham = Aries
Rishabam = Taurus
Mithunam = Gemini
Kathakam = Cancer
Simhan = Leo
Kanya = Virgo
Thulam = Libra
Vrishchigam = Scorpio
Dhanus = Sagittarius
Makaram = Capricorn
Kumbam = Aquarius
Meenam = Pisces



Matrix Comparing English Months to Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam calendar months.
It is noted that for each 'Indian' calendar month, the cooresponding Indian calendar month stretches from approximately middle of the month to the middle of the next. For example, Makaram in the Malayalam calender starts roughly on January 14 or 15 each year and stretches for about one month, ending on February 12 (for 2009).
It is also noted that the months highlighted in red start the calendar year for those calendars.



Months in the Various Hindu Calendars

English Months


No. of Days


April/ May

Chaitra/ Chiththirai/ Medam


May/ June

Vaisakha/ Vaikasi/ Edavam

31/31/ 31

June/ July

Jyaistha/Aani/ Midhunam


July/ August

Asadha/Aadi/ Karkidakam


August/ September

Sravana/Aavani/ Chingam


September/ October

Bhadrapada/ Purattasi/ Kanni


October/ November

Asvina/Aippasi/ Thulam


November/ December

Karttika/Karthigai/ Vrischikam


December/ January

Margasirsa/Margazhi/ Dhanu


January/ Febraury

Pausa/Thai/ Makaram


February/ March

Magha/Maasi/ Kumbham


March/ April

Phalguna/Panguni/ Meenam


Days of the Week Translated



Sunday (day of Sun)

Raviãra/ Nyaayitrukizhamai/ Njayar

Monday (day of Moon)

Somavãra/ Thingatkizhamai/ Thingal

Tuesday (day of Mars)

Mañgalvã/  Sevvaaikizhamai/ Chovva

Wednesday (day of Mercury)

Budhavãra/  Budhankizhamai/ Budhan

Thursday (day of Jupiter)

Guruvã/  Vyaazhakizhamai/ Vyazham

Friday (day of Venus)

Sukravãra/  Vellikizhamai/ Velli

Saturday (day of Saturn)

Sanivãra/  Sanikizhamai/ Suni

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**Months written in red symbolize the month of that calendar that start the New Year. One will notice that with each calendar, the New Year falls on different days and different months in relation to the Western Calendar. Hence, Indian Hindus often celebrate two New Year's- the local calendar (which has it's own numbered year) and the Western New Year's of January 1. One other interesting note is in relation to the Kerala (Malayalam) festival of Vishu, which falls in April, near or on Hindi New Year, Ugadi (Telugu new year) and the 'old' date for Tamil New Year (recently changed by Tamil Nadu government- the new 'Tamil New Year' day will initiate in 2009 as January 14, which is Thai 1, coinciding with Pongal holidays.). Since Vishu falls near or on the same date as those other Indian New Year days, people assume this is also Malayalam new year. Is Vishu Malayalam new year? Unofficially it is, to make it easier to coincide with other calendars. But practically for any Keralite, Chingam 1 (falling in August/September) is the actual Malayalam New Year in Kerala according to the calendar as Chingam is the first month in the Malayalam calendar year.

Read Story of Pongal  Read Celebrations and Traditions of Vishu


References: Hindu New Year.com
copyright 2002-2011 and beyond.
author: Jennifer Kumar



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25 comments so far...

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

There is a correction. The malayalam new year is Vishu which is the 1st of Medam and falls in April.

By hv on   Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ganesh Chturdashi of the Year 1954

I want to know when was Ganesh Chaturdashi in the year 1954.

my e-mail is gaikwad.lodhivali@gmail.com

By Prashant on   Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

Yes, Vishu is no doubt termed as the Malayalam new year and people follow this. However, I find it fascinating that Vishu, unlike say the 'New Year's Day' in the Western Calendar doesn't actually start the first day of the Malayalam calendar year. This is where Chingam 1 actually is also termed as New Year and I have Malayalam friends (and in laws too) who follow both Vishu and Chingam 1 as New Years, though one difference I do see is that there is no Kanni Kanal ritual for Chingam 1 (That I know of). I have written about rituals of Vishu here
It is indeed fascinating. I believe to this there is no 'right' or 'wrong' answer as with many Indian/Hindu traditions they are practiced differently by different groups as well.

I hope you can find the answer to your question. I do not know the answer.

By Jennifer Jayanthi on   Friday, January 02, 2009

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

ia there any simple sftware for conversion

By rbl agrawal on   Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I want to know when was Holi in the year 1953, 1954 and 1955


I want to know when was Holi in the year 1953, 1954 and 1955.
My email id : ayubmkhan1974@hotmail.com


By Ayub Khan on   Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

Thank you for stopping by my blog. This is a good quesiton, and I am not aware of it, though it seems it should exist... It would be useful indeed.

It seems from your name you may be Muslim? Is it true? If so, I am curious about this as I hear the use of Hindu/Vedic calendars is increasing in Muslim and Christian communities in India. Why? i know Muslims have their own calendar too. How is it similar or different than the Hindu ones?

By admin on   Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

Hi.. Thanks for this informative article. I really liked it. I also came across this similar site with nice articles and videos on vedic prinicples - http://www.vichaar.tv

By rk on   Wednesday, October 14, 2009

diwali in 1954

I would be thankful if u can tell me what date/month was hoi astami in the year 1954. If finding hoi ashtamin is difficult plz find out the exact date of diwali in the yea 1954.

my email id is deepgautam2001@gmail.com

By deep on   Wednesday, October 14, 2009

about date of birth

according to hindi month my birth is
month-sharavan, tithi- first dusmi,day-sunday
i know biirth date

By brahmadatta sharma on   Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

16(day) jyestha(month) 2011(vikram samvat)
Plz give the corresponding day in english calendar.

By Krishan Chander on   Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

Krishan, Hi. I have e-mailed our pujari in India to find the answer. Can you e-mail me (jennifer@alaivani.com) so I know how to contact you with the answer? Thanks.

By admin on   Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

@Kishan Chander
Hi. Through Pujari's dad of our temple here is the answer. Hope it is helpful and reaches you as I did not have your e-mail ID. Please confirm you have seen this by leaving a comment here itself. Thanks.

The infn. you want is corresponding Gregorian (English Calendar) date for 16th day of Jyesth month, 2011. You are right this is north Indian/Gujarati calender and fortunately our old Vadhyarmam had all the old almanacs with him.

The present Vikam Samvat year is 2066 and the current English year is 2009 - corresponding dates 22nd November 2009 is 7th Margsirsh 2066

16th day of Jyesth 2011 Vikram Samvat is 29th May 1954 (Saturday)

Jyesth month of Vikram Samvat year falls in May-June of Gregorian year.

lPlease let me know if you need any further clarification.

By Jennifer Jayanthi on   Monday, November 23, 2009

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

Hi.. Thanks for this informative article. I really liked it. I also came across this similar site with nice articles and videos on vedic prinicples........ kolam.designs@yahoo.com

By www.manadhi.com on   Sunday, January 31, 2010

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

Maha sivaratri is being celebrated all over Indiatoday,albeit it falls only in the next month as per the Tamil calender....much like the Deepavali, last year.Would like to hear your views.
We celebrrated Diwali alongwith every one,but the niggli' doubt still remained.Since sivaratri constitutes more than just belief,would be glad to hear your views ASAP.
PS:Am on nitchakal@gmail.com

By Capt S.Ravichandran on   Thursday, February 11, 2010

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

i just wanna know that when was Maha shivratri in the year 1955

By anisha on   Monday, February 15, 2010

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

i just wanna know that when was Maha shivratri in the year 1955.
My email id:ganisha42@ymail.in

By anisha on   Monday, February 15, 2010

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.Excellent post you have here.I am happy to hear that you are almost ready to release something you’ve dedicated yourself to for a while.

By jeux de keno sur Internet on   Saturday, April 10, 2010

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

plzz convert 5 Asadha 1986 in english calendar....my e mail deepgill35@yahoo.com

By deep on   Saturday, September 04, 2010

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

Please convert the Malayalam Month Kanni 11, 1121 to gregorian date.
If there is a formula it will be most suitable for all. Please try to evolve one as such.

By Mohamed Shah on   Thursday, September 16, 2010

when was the diwali i n 1953,1954,1955,and 1956

plz i want to Know the diwali festival in 1953,54,56,55
My email: Talasila.swetha@gmail.com

By swetha on   Thursday, September 16, 2010




By RAMESH CHANDRA JAIN on   Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

i am excited to know on which date mahashivratri in 1953-1954 was ?

By mahagaonkar ashutosh arunrao on   Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

Can you tell me the hindu tithi of 20.09.2001. please reply me on dhiru_jain@hotmail.com

By dhirendra jain on   Monday, January 06, 2014

muharam date

i want know muharam in 1985 & 1986 in india======
my mail id ====aliuechinna03@gmail.com

By chinna on   Monday, January 06, 2014

Re: Vedic Tamil Hindi and Malayalam Calendar

nice site. please answer one query of mine. my grandpa's birth details as per hindu calender are as follows:
agrahana month; shukla paksh dvitiya, day-shukravaar,samvat 1988.
kindly convert the aforementioned details as per the gregorian calender and let me know the corresponding date and month of birth.
thamk you.
anand tewari . lucknow (uttar pradesh)

By anand tewari on   Monday, January 06, 2014

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