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Mar 31

Written by: Jayanthi
Monday, March 31, 2008

Submitted by: Sudarshan Madabushi

"Anna Shuddhi"

The machines and inventions we see in Man's mechanical world are countless in number but it is very significant to see that they do not all run on a single kind of fuel.

Simple machines like kitchen stoves or petromax lanterns can run on the crudest of fuel even -- like kerosene or paraffin. Motor cars however need processed fuel like hi-octane gasoline, while heavy-duty trailer-trucks with big engines, and massive sea-going ships with giant turbines powering them, all need superior grade diesel. Supersonic aircraft are the ultimate in mechanical sophistication. They can run on nothing but the most refined of fuels called "aviation-grade" fuel.

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  Anna Shuddhi

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  Anna Shuddhi and

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gasprices.jpgHence, we must appreciate how different classes of machines, depending upon how sophisticated, advanced or superior they are in design, construction or functioning, require entirely different types of fuels. There is only one fuel-type most appropriate for the functioning of every machine in the world. If a machine must function as it must, efficiently and purposefully, then it has to be fed exactly the type of fuel it deserves -- no less, no more. An F-16 fighter-jet can run on kerosene no more than a woman's hair-dryer can run on nuclear-power.

Now, as with machines so is it with humans, says the Bhagavath-Gita. Every man must consume the food most appropriate to his inner nature ("gUNa"). The type and quality of Food he consumes generates for Man the "energy" ("prANa") of requisite intensity which in turn enables him to function best in life. But then it is Man alone who can and must take full responsibility for the quality of Food he consumes. It is a very grave responsibility of life and in the Vedantic "mArga", or way of life, it is called "anna shuddhi".

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