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Apr 14

Written by: Jayanthi
Monday, April 14, 2008

Submitted by: Sudarshan Madabushi

"Sattvic" Food

pepper.jpg It must be clearly understood that "annam", the principal fuel or energy-source for Man, comes too in different grades of quality. Just as, say, automotive fuel comes in many retail grades (leaded, unleaded, premium, super etc) human fuel i.e. "annam", too comes in 3 distinct grades each meant specifically for 3 types of human beings -- the "sAttvi-c", "rajasi-c" and "tamasi-c" individual.

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  The Three Commandments

  Anna Shuddhi

  Sattvic Food

  Rajasic Food

  Tamasic Food

  Anna Shuddhi and

     Atma Shuddhi


The "sAttvic" Man is, like the sophisticated F-16 jet fighter designed to perform extraordinary functions -- flying supersonic speeds at near-stratospheric altitudes. The "sAttvic" Man too is similarly born to strive for the higher things of life such as Knowledge, Illumination, Goodness and Selfless Work. He is different from lesser men of the world. Such a man deserves the highest grade of fuel, the highest of "anna shuddhi". If he must function in life as he really must -- in accordance with the innate nobility and superiority of his inner aspirations -- he must feed upon an essentially "sAttvic" diet.

The Bhagavath-Gita prescribes for such a man only such varieties of diet ("aahAram") that can promote robust bodily growth, mental alertness, well-being, longevity, intellectual vigor, health, affability and happiness. Such Food or "aahaara" is said to be full of sweetness, oleaginous in character and wholly nutritious. It is well described in Chapter XVII.8 in the Bhagavath-Gita. Examples of "sattva aahAra" are fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and milk-products, rice, and wholesome grains and cereals etc. Generally speaking, vegetarian food tends to be "sAttvic" in nature.

It is this type of Food particularly which, in its 3rd Commandment, the Upanishad says should be grown abundantly in the world --- "annam bahu kurveeta!"

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