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Apr 21

Written by: Jayanthi
Monday, April 21, 2008

Submitted by: Sudarshan Madabushi

"Rajasic" Food

vadas (Small).jpg Then there is Food that is fit only for the Man of "rajas" -- i.e. for him who is of Dionysian character, who is filled with restless energy, constantly being driven to action by powerful passions and impatient inner drives, who wants to conquer the world or change it, be a leader of men and of the times...

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  Sattvic Food

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  Anna Shuddhi and

     Atma Shuddhi

Such men, says the Bhagavath-Gita, will need a dietary regime that will keep the inner engines of their "rajasic" personality running full steam on all cylinders. The general diet of such men will tend to consist of Food that is bitter, sour, very salty, exceedingly spicy and pungent, dry and burning (Chapter XVII.9).

Judging by the standards of the Bhagavath-Gita, much of what the modern world of today eats is essentially of the "rajasic" grade. It is meaty, greasy, spicy, rich, palate-tingling, tangy, aromatic, irresistibly tasty... In a word, it is all that the popular _expression "yummy, yummy!" might suggest to us! "Rajasic" cuisine is essentially meant to titillate and satiate deep-seated instincts of the gourmet and it is the reason why it is so very tempting. It is very easy in fact to over-eat and over-indulge in the full range of "rajasic" foods available in the world today -- hamburgers, sausages, steak, pizzas, pasta, enchiladas, biriyAni, exotic chocolates, caramel, creamy pastries and so on and so forth...

If we understood well the nature of "rajasic" foods we would not fail to also understand why millions of children and teenagers in the world quickly fall in love with and become slaves to all kinds of "junk food" peddled by any number and all manner of "fast-food" chains and restaurants. If over-eating and obesity are fast assuming alarming proportions as health-hazards throughout the world, it is mainly because of the enormous content of "rajas" in the Food the people eat.

The amount of "rajasic" food that is over-eaten and over-indulged in the world is exceeded only by the huge amounts of it that is also criminally wasted. If one were to take a census of all the "fast-food" chains in the world and of all the hotels, restaurants and eating-joints, and actual stock then taken of the heaps of "left-overs", "throw-aways" and discarded foodstuff which all ultimately find their way into millions of trash-cans and garbage-dumps in the world... if one could visualize all that, it would not be difficult at all to imagine the colossal amounts of food being wasted away daily in our own lifetime. If one were to impute an economic value to all the food so discarded in the world today, it would be quite enough indeed to set up yet another UN Food and Agriculture Organization, another FAO!

It was keeping in mind the mammoth potential for Food wastage on a global-scale, especially of the "rajasic" variety, that the Upanishad warned -- "annam na pari-chaksheeta!"

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