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Oct 25

Written by: Jayanthi
Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sudarshan Madabushi has been following my site since early 2000s. I met him through a yahoo group that discussed Hindu/Indian philosophy and spirituality. He has submitted some posts to my old site based on entries he posted to the yahoo group. Browse his articles:


A Thought for Food and Food for Thought (an article posted in 7 parts on the Hindu/Indian philosophy of food)


  The Three Commandments

  Anna Shuddhi

  Sattvic Food

  Rajasic Food

  Tamasic Food

  Anna Shuddhi and

     Atma Shuddhi


Gopuram: Etymology of The Hindu Temple Tower

A gopuram is the 'steeple' of a Hindu temple. Always fascinated by word histories, this article shares the meanings of 'gopuram'



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