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Sep 29

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In the previous post, I shared thoughts from Chiyomi in English and Japanese regarding her experience in accepting help from me. (See her testimonial here.) I enjoy helping her because she also always helps me- not only by giving me the chance to help her (of course) but by allowing me to learn more about how she and other Japanese experience life in America as well as allowing me to get to know her as a genuine person.

During some of our meetings, she asks me questions about American culture or American English. This is true not only for her of course, but others I help as well. She and others ask me a specific question based on their experience of daily life here. Maybe they find something odd or new or hard to naviagate. Many times their English vocabulary is wide, but knowing how to express it in typical American ways becomes a new experience for them. Based on this, I learn what I take for granted in my daily life, what others find odd or new here in America, and how this impacts adjusting to American culture. People do it everyday, day in and day out- they come to America and carve a life out for themselves. They make it look so easy, but it is actually the smaller things that can cause frustrations. Kudos to everyone who has overcome these day-to-day obstacles in America or any other country that you have moved to.

Here are a few videos I made based on some of the situations some of the people I have helped have faced. These are not particular to any one person that I have helped, and may apply to anyone- even you! The great thing about culutre is it continues to change and evolve. Maybe these videos are good for now, but will need to be reviewed and updated later. Let's see!! Life is so interesting- huh?

Here is a link to Chiyomi's testimonial.

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