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Nov 1

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Monday, November 01, 2010

by Jennifer Kumar, Cross-Cultural Coach
Cross Cultural Facebook Forum 

Looking for a Facebook group that is different from the rest? The Authentic Journeys Facebook page is not like a typical ‘business’ page with only sales, specials and ‘buy me’ links. The purpose of this page is much more inclusive of relationship building.

The focuses of the Authentic Journeys Facebook forums are:

To provide a place to share information on issues relating to cross-cultural adjustment, interfaith relationship, expat, international student, and overseas living concerns. - To achieve this I post articles of interest from other authors, reputable news agencies and other bloggers given in text, video or podcast formats.** - Also, a place where you can post discussions to get feedback from other members on cross-cultural related topics on the discussion board or on the wall.


Links of interest in regards to this point:


Discussion Board of Authentic Journeys

Wall of Authentic Journeys


To provide a place to interact with like-minded people. All members are encouraged to interact on the page by posting relevant links (I as moderator will continually try my best to erase spam.) and comment on things on the wall or create discussions on the discussion board. There you can post your introductions, questions of concern or reply to others. When the opportunity arises I host links to cross-cultural interviews or also had a the chance to have a ‘live interaction’ day with a person who promotes positive cross-cultural lifestyles and adjustment.


Links of interest in regards to this point:


Discussion Board of Authentic Journeys Wall of Authentic Journeys Events (off and online)


Subscribe to the links feed of Authentic Journeys Facebook page. *


You can see testimonials of previous customers/clients


Links of interest in regards to this point:


Testimonials on Facebook Page Testimonials on website


To share some free training or webinars on cross-cultural topics.
The page is linked up to my blog, so in addition to getting updates of my blog on topics of cross-cultural coping skills, etiquette, or American English language learning (among others), you will also have access to self-produced webinars and free cross-cultural training videos you can watch any time of the day or night.


Links of interest in regards to this point:


Subscribe to the RSS Feed of BLOG posts and Notes.


Video page on Facebook.**


You can keep up with events I may host. Though I haven’t been a part of many online or offline events yet, I hope my opportunities to do so will expand in the near future. I also would like to offer online Skype sessions to talk with me so we can see each other face-to-face!


Links of interest in regards to this point:


Events/ Calendar Page




* Why should I subscribe to RSS when I am a fan of your page, won’t it just come up in my feed? YES and NO. It should but if you have fanned/liked A LOT of pages/groups or friends, then you can miss it. If you subscribe to the RSS you will get all the updates in your feed and won’t miss one! **Some video topics already listed: Do Indians Stare more than Americans Part 2/2,






Author of this post and moderator of the cross-cultural forum, Jennifer Kumar, is a multicultural mentor who is looking forward to meeting you via phone, Skype, e-mail or in person to help you explore your personal development as you create your cross-cultural lifestyle wherever you live. To know more about how I can help you on your Authentic Journey, visit my cross-cultural coaching website or send your questions to me at authenticjourneys@gmail.com. Thanks!

More Information on cross-cultural and multicultural adjustment help - click here.

Updated April 2011

Copyright ©2010 Jennifer Kumar, CC, Cultural Adjustment Coach


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