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Nov 5

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, November 05, 2010

by: Jennifer Kumar, Cross-Cultural Coach

More L and R Lessons to Improve American English Understanding


Hi Friends. This week I promised you a follow up on the P and B lesson from last week. I waited until the last minute because my voice is a bit hoarse. Sometimes when we get sore throats or talk too much our voice becomes 'different' and sometimes it's harder to talk without coughing or clearing our throat. That's a hoarse voice. That's what I have and so I couldn't make the P and B podcast. When I have my voice back to some better place, I will make it ... so keep tuned in!!

So, what I have in store for you is a bit more exciting than P and B ;-). This video I share with you today from ActionTeacher, an American man teaching English in Japan is more than helpful tips on improving pronunciation, but a lesson in true generosity. What am I talking about? Well, I been following ActionTeacher's YouTube site (click here) for the past few months to get some tips for my students I have in US that are from Japan. So, recently one of my students was struggling with the consonant clusters "CL" and "CR". I searched his YouTube page for some tutorials or online class, but there are so many videos on his vlog, I decided to e-mail him instead.

A few days later, I got an amazing response. "I made a video for you." I clicked through to find the video I am sharing with you below. I am truly touched by this gesture. He may think nothing of it more than helping a fellow ESL teacher (coach) to help their students better; but I think of it as much more. He has gone above and beyond anything I would have thought of, because he gives a lot of examples with demonstrations and explanations. He also describes the differences between different sounds that are similar while giving some Japanese descriptions along the way. He did not do this in a hasty way; but in a thoughtful, fun way and spent almost 10 minutes doing sharing quality information that I have passed on to my students and now to you!

Below ActionTeacher's video, I am embedding two videos I made earlier this year on tips on creating L and R sounds with your mouth, tongue, lips and facial muscles. Often, Japanese people can't make some of these sounds because the tongue doesn't 'do' the L move or the lips and facial muscles can't 'do' the rounding for R (or o, u, etc.). Those two videos try to demonstrate these techniques in different ways. I hope they are helpful.

In the meantime, watch the videos, learn the powerful L and R messages along with the powerful message of generosity by ActionTeacher. Please keep tuned in for P and B lesson to come later. Thanks.


発音クリニック 「CLAM, CRAM & MORE!」英会話

Tips to improve confidence speaking American English: L and R tips for Japanese and other Asians
Comfort in Communicating in America: Tips to Pronounce and Hear L and R (ESL/ ESL))

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Author of this article, Jennifer Kumar, is a cross-cultural coach helping people get used to life in America through individualized coaching centered on accent reduction or cross-cultural strategies in finding work, making friends, doing daily tasks, raising a family and much more. Follow her on Facebook.



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