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Aug 18

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Saturday, August 18, 2007

Brinjal (Eggplant) Sambar
1              cup toor dhal
1/8           brick tamarind
               Sambar powder from August 4, 2007 
               (entire quantity of recipe)
2 cups     diced brinjal (eggplants)
1 cup       diced tomatoes
1/4 tsp     turmeric
salt          to taste 
               (the more dhal you use, the more salt you may need)
1/8 tsp     ing
1/2 tsp     mustard seeds
10            curry leaves
1.  In a separate pot, boil 1 cup dhal in at least 2 cups water.  
     Boil until semi soft.
2.  Take tamarind and soak in 2 cups water to create tamarind water.
3.   Boil 5 cups water with the all prepared sambar powder for about 
     10 minutes.
4.  Strain tamarind pulp from the water.  Put the tamarind juice in the 
     sambar pot.
5.  Add diced brinjal and tomatoes with turmeric, ing, salt, and boil until 
     vegetables get soft.
6.  Add the cooked dhal.              
7.  Garnish with the 'tadka'- heat oil, when oil warms, add mustard seeds, 
     when they pop, add the curry leaves for about 1 minute. 
     Curry leaves should not burn.  Add tadka to the sambar. Take a ladle 
     of sambar and add to the vessel you popped the seeds 
            and put back in sambar pot.
Enjoy Sambar with plain rice, pongal, idli, vada, or any accompaniment

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