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Nov 19

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Monday, November 19, 2007

Blogging Through A Book, Eat, Pray, Love- Conclusions!


I did it!  I not only finished this book, the first novel I have completed from front to back without missing a page, but I have blogged about it until the end!  I actually finished the book within three to four weeks, though creating blog posts on my thoughts, feelings, and reactions took a bit longer.  I hope you have enjoyed the column.


A Review of the Column:

Blogging Through A Book: Eat, Pray, Love  (Part 1) – 10/15/07

Keeping in Touch With God (Part 2) 10/17/07

Rethinking Renunciation (Part 3) 10/22/07

Parla Come Magni – Speak the Way You Eat (Part 4) 10/24/07

Pray With Clear Purpose (Part 5) 10/29/07

Deciphering Dreams (Part 6) 10/31/07

Milestone Markers Are Opportunities for Personal Growth  (Part 7) 11/16/07

Can Frustration Provide Efficient Results?  (PART 8) 11/16/07


This series of reflections has been sited in Book Rags wiki on Elizabeth Gilbert.



Updated June 15, 2009.



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