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Dec 5

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Without a moment’s hesitation Dad uttered the name of his late wife, my mother-in-law I have only met through stories told to me through my husband and his family, Gouri.


Gouri was the answer to the question, “Who do you think is the most interesting person?”


The answer bought tears to my eyes and left me momentarily speechless. Not only was it amazingly romantic, after all they had been married over 40 years, but it was an unexpected answer. I have asked this question to countless people, and my father-in-law (whom I call Dad) was the first to answer this question with the answer of a person who he has known so closely for most of his life. Others, you may wonder, have answered with the names of famous people, people out of the reach of our everyday lives. Even beyond her life on this earth, she, my mother-in-law, remains most dear to those who walked the path with her on this earth. What better legacy to leave!


But, I was still curious who outside the family dad found interesting. So, again I asked, making sure to ask the question very directly, “Who do you find most interesting outside of the family?” “My first boss.” Dad said without batting an eyelash or thinking twice.


Even more intriguing, perhaps is that both his wife and his first boss, remain the top of these lists (if there were even a thought of lists) is that they both “cared a lot for him and encouraged him through even the toughest of times.” This is more a paraphrase than a quote, as each person of course carried this out unique to their role.


But what a life Dad must have led to consider his lifetime spouse and his first boss, whom he worked for over 50 years ago, as leaving this imprint on his life. Not many people can attest to such luck in life, and even Dad exclaims he has been blessed in this life and realizes this as he continues on his life’s path.


After having this discussion with Dad, later in the night just before retiring to bed, I asked my husband this same question to see what he would say. To my utter amazement it was as if I was seeing a younger version of Dad in my husband as without batting an eyelash or hesitation he answered, “You, my wife.” Upon hearing this, I realized we are all interesting to someone, and that someone who finds you interesting is closer than you may have ever dreamed!


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