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Jan 11

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, January 11, 2008

It’s been a little over a month since my post “Clear Your Clutter: Clear Your Life.” Since the lack of clutter affects me on a daily basis, I thought I’d share with you three ways my life has become simpler as I balance less clutter with more organization:


1.   More time to relax, less time in doing chores.spices.jpg

The main cupboards containing spices, lentils (dhals), snacks and cups have been reorganized. Now, when I open them I can breathe. I don’t have to do (as much) lifting, removing and putting back to get to items in the back. The step shelf for spices was one remedy for this problem in the spice cupboard. But, since things are more easily accessible, I find my kitchen chores, cooking, cleaning and putting away groceries to be much more enjoyable and the time to do many of these chores is cut in half or more!


2.   I can see more clearly what I really need and what I don’t really need.

For the most part this is limited to material possessions, though I am also working on ridding of e-waste and old thoughts that no longer help me succeed. In my last post I talked about keeping things mainly for emotional reasons, not for practical reasons. Though there are some possessions that I admittedly have kept out of purely emotional reasons, there are a pile of countless other items that I realized that the emotion attached to those old items no longer suits who I am or want to be in the future. Hence, those items are gone.


3.   I have some stuff of real value.

When many things are hidden within or behind piles of other junk we loose sight of things that have value. This was most easily noted in rearranging the spice       cupboard. Because it was previously disorganized, I never really knew what I had in there and ended up with numerous packets of coriander seeds or cumin powder. And, if you know the sizes of the spice packets for purchase in Indian stores in the U.S., you know that is a LOT of spices. I donated them to a local Ethiopian restaurant that was happy to get all these spices. Though the spices were still good, I found many food items that had gone bad. That was a shame. I hope as I stay organized, this will cease to happen. Outside the kitchen, I also found many items that are collectables, such as books, guides from concerts I had been to and other small statues and knickknacks.


Of course, clearing and cleaning out and keeping organized will be an ongoing project. So far I am very successful at keeping the kitchen in order. After all, for me I have two added benefits to doing so: less time doing chores and more times hubby will venture in and help make dinner from time to time!


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