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Jan 14

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Monday, January 14, 2008

This article has been featured on WROC Go Green Tips, you can visit the Go Green site here, and the article here.


This following list of five ways I have gone paperless is not exhaustive. 

1.   Use online or CD based telephone books.cellphone.jpg
A few weeks ago, when our power went out, I had to leave the house to use a phone book. I admit this skill I learned as a kid needed refreshing as I haven’t used a phone book for at least five years!

2.   Using computer or cell-phone based daily planners.
My hubby being a Smartphone Thoughts editor, it was as if I was behind the times when only in 2007 I began using my cell phone as my daily planner. I was happy to throw out that book, actually, though it did take me few months to get used to e- scheduling. Now, I would have a hard time turning back.

3.   Google, Yahoo and GPS get from place A to place B.
Sometimes I still would like to use a map, but why pay the extra money for the map that inevitably gets lost, torn or stained. With GPS and online mapping systems that can be updated remotely, there is no need to buy new maps when routes or roads change. On top of that, some GPS are so smart they can help you avoid road construction or traffic jams! Can a paper map do that!?

4.   Running errands online.
With this I not only save paper, but time, gas, plastic bags (at the grocery store) and other resources. Who can argue with that? I pay bills, bank, shop, send mail (e-mail!), send and receive faxes, read newspapers and magazines online, storing and printing photos, sending invitations for dinner parties, and using e-cards. One tip is if you would prefer to reduce mail-order catalogs log into catalogchoice.org.           

5.   Books on CD.
Though I don’t choose this option for all books, I have chose this for a few books that I thought I’d get the most out of hearing people read to me rather than sit in bed read it while falling asleep! A recent book I enjoyed on CD was Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny.

A few other interesting ways I struggle in reducing paper consumption: use reusable shopping bags (over paper) at the grocery store, wrap presents in fabric that can be rewashed and reused and boil loose leaf tea rather than use tea bags!

I was inspired to write this post after reading a simliar post by Debra Moorehead, A Paperless Meme. I am tagging back Greenwoman2007, Debra along with Green Style Mom, and Erin.

Green Style Mom shares Five Ways to go Paperless.

Thank you for reading.

Photo courtesy of Krishna Kumar.

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Copyright ©2008 Jennifer Jayanthi Kumar


2 comments so far...

Re: Five Ways to Go Paperless

Great list, Jennifer! My biggest issue right now is getting rid of my daily planner. I'm close, and I think the inspiration from this meme will be all I need to put me over the top. Thanks for participating!

By Debra10 on   Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Re: Five Ways to Go Paperless

Thanks for stopping by Debra! I know you can do it, I also struggled, but now that I got out of the old habit and into the new, there is no going back!

By admin on   Thursday, January 17, 2008

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