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Dec 12

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Friday, December 12, 2008

Axial of the Wheel

Greetings Friends:

Hope all are well, enjoying the abundance of holidays that happen for many of us this time of year.

One of the many places in India I continue to fantisize about having the honor to visit, but have yet to step in the great state of Orissa to enjoy is the Konark Sun Temple Orissa.  Ajoy, a regular contributor to my site, has submitted photos of that very place along with photos of this year’s Vinzai Devi Ustav 2008 and Krishna Janamasthami in Maharashtra 2008. While processing Ajoy’s photos, I decided to continue my photo negative scanning project, strolling down memory lane to my visit to Hyderabad 1999  to celebrate my Gautam Anna’s wedding and photos of memorable days at Udavi Field Work Placement 1999-2001 Chennai India.

Enjoy browsing these and all links listed below.

Happy Holidays. Happy New Year 2009!

Jennifer Jayanthi Kumar

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Krishna Kumar's Photos at flickr

Thanksgiving Day Baking - October 27th 2008

Canon 40D Kit For Sale


Udavi Field Placement MSW 1999

Alaivani Flickr (Photos by Jennifer Kumar)

Konark Sun Temple Orissa 

Vinzai Devi Ustav 2008

Krishna Janamasthami in Maharashtra 2008

Hyderabad 1999  

Udavi Field Work Placement 1999-2001 Chennai India.


Melodies of Tamil Songs

Chandramukhi - Konja Neram

Rhythm Song - Katre En Vaasal

Rhythm - Thaniye Thananthaniye



Rest and Refresh (Hotel Reviews)

Olive Brook: Republic of Nature, Munnar, India 4/5 stars




Vegetarian Cuisine – Indian-inspired Vegetarian Recipes

Besan Chutney (Spicy Chickpea Gravy)


Vegetarian Restaurant Reviews

Sugar and Spice, Cortland, NY  1.5/5 stars (American dining)

El Pacifico, Farmington, NY  4/5 stars (Mexican)

Cheesecake Factory, Pittsford, NY  3/5 stars (American)


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