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Jan 5

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Monday, January 05, 2009

interfaith by Jennifer Kumar, Cross-Cultural Coach


Are you in India, wondering what days your relatives in America may have leave from work? Are you in America and forget to call home to wish your relatives or friends holiday wishes? Are you looking for a calendar that combines the social and spiritual cultures of India and America?

I have made an honest and humble attempt to answer these questions through the creation of the India America Interfaith Calendar. To see this calendar in Google, click here. Remembering to call your friends or family on their holidays is not easy living outside India, especially living in America, especially if they are Hindu, Parsi, Sikh, or Jain. Upon subscribing to this free calendar, by e-mailing me, you will be sent reminders three days ahead of time so that you will not miss to wish your near and dear on their special days.

You can also learn more about many of the holidays by clicking on the calendar item, which will provide links to articles on Alaivani. If they are unavailable I humbly request browsers to submit their stories or narrations for consideration.

Because I am new to many of the Sikh, Muslim, Jain and Jewish holidays, if I am missing any, please e-mail additions or edits to me at jennifer@alaivani.com.

Because many spiritual calendars are based on the sun or the moon movements, their dates do not fall on the same Western date every year. If there are any questions or revisions to be made, e-mail them to me at jennifer@alaivani.com. It is also because of this, that many calendar dates will be entered on a yearly basis.

My understanding is that many spiritualities have prescribed holidays that all or many in that faith follow. When it comes to Hindu holidays, they vary based on region in India, community, language and other factors. I have attempted to list major Hindu holidays observed all over India, and localized Hindu holidays of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, though other states are sparsely represented (Maharasthra, Andhra Pradesh).

To see this calendar in Google, click here.

Subscribe by e-mailing me (I promise not to use your e-mail id for any other purpose than subscribing to this calendar.

Thank you for spending your time on Alaivani.com and I sincerly believe you will find this new section of the website useful.


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Do you need help with balancing cultures in your global, multicultural, interfaith or cross-cultural lifestyle? Author of this post," Jennifer Kumar, Cross-Cultural Coach, is a life expat coach helping those planning to move abroad to identify their ability to adjust and how much cultural immersion they want to experience in their programs abroad. Jennifer can also help you to cope and identify strategies to deal with culture immersion and culture shock. If you'd like to create a 'culture shock relief plan,' give her a line at authenticjourneys@gmail.com, follow her on Facebook, or see her website, Authentic Journeys.


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Updated January 2011

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