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Jan 21

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Teens in India: Children's Book Review
By: Jennifer Kumar, Cross-Cultural Coach


India in Your Living Room Learning Series


Immerse yourself into the life of a teen in India. Within 100 pages you can learn about the life of typical Indian teenagers. Though pictures of India may look exotic, different and foreign, the lives of everyday teens may not be so different than the life of a teen in America. For instance, teens in India have to go to school and prepare for their future, they also enjoy participating in sports and community activities and spending time with friends, and, like any other teen also learns to balance all these responsibilities and activities with an active family life. All these aspects and more are beautifully narrated in Lori Shores book, Teens in India.


I really enjoyed this book, which I found in the children’s section of my local library. I believe all ages can benefit from this book. This book is a condensed, straight to the point, non-judgmental overview of not only the life of teens in India but the culture and lifestyle found in most parts of India. Why pick up one of those ‘boring’ books written by an academic with long words and paragraphs that put you to sleep, when you can read this fast paced, easy to read, entertaining book and in just a few hours? It’s not only the words that will draw you in, but the images and pictures. Browse the book for the pictures first and you will automatically be inspired to read the book too! I was happy to see all the photos were labeled with interesting facts. The photos immerse you in the everyday social, family, spiritual and educational experiences of a typical Indian teen and their family. It would not only prepare you to understand life in India, but could help prepare you for a possible trip to India or help you interact better with any Indian exchange students here.


This book does not feed into the stereotypes of India, it will give you a balanced view of the life of a teen, be it a life in the city or in the village. Exploring their life is very interesting. It is true that there are social issues in India, and these are briefly touched upon as they too are realities of a teen’s life in India just as social issues affect the lives of teens in America. I appreciate how these issues are revealed to the reader without judgment. Throughout the book, the judgment of what you learn is left to you as the reader and it is not given to you by the author. So do pick up this book, read it, learn about the culture of India and decide for yourself!



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Author of this post and owner of this blog; Jennifer Kumar, CC, MSW, is a cross-cultural coach. If you are adjusitng to a new culture with children and want help in creating ideas to teach your kids about your homeland, I am happy to help. Contact her for more information at authenticjourneys at gmail dot com. See her coaching site, Authentic Journeys.



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