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May 20

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We still have not lost interest in learning about Kenya and East Africa. In fact, we still want to go to Kenya and Tanzania to experience wildlife and safari in the country that still seems so exotic. In 2007, I had come across the following videos by Daniel Sumarto I want to share with you today. These are three of his six videos.

I will post the next three next month or you can also see them by going to his youtube profile. These videos are inspiring. The photography is simply breathtaking and leaves an emotional imprint within me. All videos are embedded with permission from videographer, Daniel Sumarto.

Viajero Productions present a film by Daniel Sumarto Journey to East Africa

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I have taken liberty to write the script of this video. After landing in Nairobi, I made my way to the eastern portion of the Great Rift Valley.
Here, next to the shores of Lake Nakuru was my first chance of encountering the wild life of East Africa. It's been hailed as the greatest bird spectacle in the world! Hundreds of thousands of flamingos gather in the warm lake waters to feed on the algae. They are actually two species of flamingos. The lesser flamingos which are found in greater numbers and can be recognized by their deep red bills. And the greater flamingos whose bills comprise of a black tip.
An estimated 250,000 kilograms of algae per hectare are consumed each year by the flamingos. The algae are permitted to thrive from the bird's droppings and the presence of plankton in the alkine waters.
I felt.. slightly outnumbered.
At the time, I didn't think anything could outdo the maginficient view of the lake shore. But, after a short drive uphill, I was about to be proven wrong!

Viajero Productions present a film by Daniel Sumarto a trek through Kenya and Tanzania

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Travelling through Kenya.

Leave comments for Daniel on his YouTube Page

Daniel's commenteary: "A young Canadian's travels through Kenya and Tanzania. Scene from Kenya: African wood crafts, Lake Naivasha, and Hell's Gate National Park. " This video has a few lessons on the language of Kenya (Swahili) and scenes from a wood carving studio, City life, Lake Naivasha, Hell's Gate National Park, and wildlife including giraffes, zebras and other wildlife.

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