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May 22

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Friday, May 22, 2009

Walk in the Park

Econocation – Highland Park Rochester, New York

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Awash with color and fragrance this time of year, Highland Park in Rochester, New York is a simple and economical retreat.

We enjoy spending time in Highland Park any time of the year. There are miles of paved walking trails throughout the park, but one can feel free to traverse the green, hilly pastures, wandering through the 1,200 lilacs and other trees, shrubs and plants as well. Many people also like to come in warm weather, bring a blanket and lay out in the sun or have a picnic. There are scattered benches and tables throughout the park, which is also classified as a botanical garden. I think in the winter too, sledding may be allowed at select locations being a park full of hills! There is also a stage in the park where concerts and other activities are held. Our favorite park of the park is the tulip bed in the spring. There is something so placid, peaceful and wonderful about tulips!

A few other attractions in the park include:
- A pansy bed with about 10,000 pansies. This is what I like to call a real-life pookkalam (flower carpet in Malayalam) as it seems that every year there is a different design or pattern in the pansy bed.
- The Warner Castle. “The Warner Castle is an actual castle located in Highland Park and home to the Rochester Civic Garden Center. It has a library and sunken garden. Admission is free.” (source rocwiki)
- Lamberton Conservatory (this does have a small admission fee, click here for information).
- The Lilac Arches. This is a popular spot in the park that can be reserved for weddings.
- There are also three memorials in the park to see.

Generally, besides during the Lilac Festival in mid May, parking is ample and usually free of cost. There is not a fee to enter or roam around inside the park.

Slideshow of Highland Park Photos by Krishna Kumar

The econocation is an economical vacation, usually a place that can be covered in one day (a daycation) and may even be a local retreat (staycation) for some. Some of these rendezvous may also be classified as ‘freecations’ because depending on where you live maybe no fees are required to attend at all! Far as I know, when I Googled and Yahooed the word ‘econocation’ there were no sites coining this word! Does this mean I coined a new word? Let’s see!!

This series is inspired by an article in USA Magazine, America land of the Freebie, I want to share with you some day retreats or simple, short vacations we have had that are packed with interesting sights, sounds, smells and memories, but did not put a big dent in the pocket book! That being said, the criteria I am using to share these destinations with you is the following:
1. Free or low-cost entry fee (US$10 or less a person)
2. Costs are quoted at the destination only, cost to travel to and from and any parking fees may be additional depending on where you live.

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Updated July 2009:

Today's Google search has found one new article using the word econocation - Forth Worth Econocation from Good News Girlz. Don't know the date it was published, but did not come up for the search when I first published this article!

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Thank you for reading and spending your time on Alaivani.com!

Copyright ©2009 Jennifer Jayanthi Kumar


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Re: Econocation – Highland Park Rochester, New York

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Re: Econocation – Highland Park Rochester, New York

I am a bit confused Thailand Hotels. Are you based in Rochester, NY? Happy to interact more!

I tried to access your facebook page, but it does not work.

By admin on   Monday, February 22, 2010

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