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May 25

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Monday, May 25, 2009

Eco-bath of Elephants at Kodanadu, Kerala

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Every morning government employees wash these elephants for more than one hour. You can say these elephants have a 'spa treatment', morning rituals more luxurious than humans. It is an eco-friendly spa- also- using no soap, chemicals and scrubbed with use of coconut husks. What cuties!

This is a quote from my husband, Krishna's flickr photo blog on Kodanad "Kodanad is place known for its elephant training camp. We woke up early, drove for an hour and a half to this place on the banks of the river Periyar. A very beautiful and scenic spot. It was 8AM when we got there and the elephants were getting their bath.

After the early morning bath, they go to the temple in the camp for prayer and then get their breakfast. We joined them for their morning schedule.

Here is the location info."

Far as I remember, this day trip from Kochi (Cochin) was a econcation, I do not remember paying a fee to watch the eco-bathing. There is a small fee to enter the zoo area. However, if you are an animal lover, I recommend not to visit that, even though the cost is affordable. The way in which these animals were kept are pathetic, and I did not want to finish the tour through the zoo because the conditiions made me physically sick and emotionally I felt bad for the animals kept there.

More photos of Kodanad by Krishna Kumar here.


Elephant Rides in Munnar, Kerala

Munnar photos by my hubby here.

Eco-Logging Elephants in Munnar, India

These Elephants are amazing!! You gotta watch this video to the very end to see just how the amazing pachyderm moves the logs!! So much power packed inside the gentle giant.. We love you elephant! This is what you can call eco-logging Munnar photos by my hubby here.

Wild Elephants spotted on Boat Safari in Periyar!

We had the rare chance of a far spotting of wild elephants and a few other animals in the forests surrounding Periyar Lake, near Thekkady last year. The sound quality of all the videos is not very good, but especially in the case of this video, it may be a good thing! If the sound came at full magnitude, one would realize why the boat does not come very close to the shoreline. Many tourists (hate to say it, but Indians, not foreigners) are very loud, and shout whenever they see an animal of any kind. This would scare off the animals. But on top of this, the boat itself is very loud. This tour is neither eco-friendly or animal-friendly as the boat and many people on it did not uphold a quiet atmosphere for the animals or the environment. However, this definitely makes it part of the total experience! If you decide to partake in these boat rides, and you are part of a tour package, assure your agent has purchased the tickets for you much in advance as when you get there it may be impossible to get tickets. The scheduling and ticket purchasing both are quite chaotic.

Last production is a photo slide show of photos taken by my husband, Krishna with the tag 'elephant'. Enjoy!

Thank you for spending time on Alaivani.com!


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