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Jul 3

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, July 03, 2009

Peruse below to participate in some of the interesting thoughts of Africa Expat Wives Club (A UK family settled in Kenya), Shaiju Joseph, Binny VA, Flower Girl, Aarathi, Meeru, Green Family, and others! What a great diversity of points of view!


Africa Expat Wives Club
The City Girl In Africa
I Don't Hate It
A U.K. expat's experience living in Africa (Kenya).

Ayurvedic Home Remedies
by Shaiju Joseph
Oil Pulling and Ayurveda
This remedy appears to be a precursor to modern day mouthwashes, but acts more like a detox.

Binny VA
Useless Skills Part 4: Ability to Write or Read Malayalam

Flower Girl's Rural India
Omana Thingal - A Famous Lullaby in Kerala
Flower Girl has painstankenly transliterated and transliterated Malayalam lyrics to expose the world to this beautiful part of the South Indian culture. A YouTube video with the song and Malayalam lyrics is also included.

Hobbies by Aarathi
Aloo Bonda
Aloo Bonda is a deep fried potato snack with an outer besan coating. Aarathi inspired me to deep fry for the first time on a stove in India! Thanks Aarathi.

Me and My World
An experience with shopping for schools in Trivandrum .

An expat's return to her homeland and her experience finding a good school for her child.

Our Time in India
Please don't say Thank you
Cross cultural customer service ettiquette in India between an Indian and an American.
Koimbedu Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Market
They say Koyembedu market is one of the biggest if not largest fruit and vegetable markets in India! It was quite a sight when I was there ten years ago. The produce here is plentiful and cheaper than other places, even as a foreigner! You should check it out if you are in Chennai and want some "off-the-beaten-track" place to visit!

Omapodi (sev)
Savory deep fried noodle snacks made of besan (chickpea flour), rice flour, ajwain and other spices.

Siddha Home Remedies
Siddha Home Remedies: Kuppaimeni (Acalypha Indica)

An Indian counterpart of Catnip, "One simple herb that is used for treating skin diseases like eczema, ringworm and rashes both for human beings and pets alike, is Kuppaimeni.

Europe's Sabarimala
Sabarimala is a famous temple in Kerala, South India devoted to Lord Ayyappa. This temple is famous for a few things. One is it is said to bring people of all faiths and castes together, but the caveat is that they should be males only. The other 'thing' is only males are allowed as Lord Ayyappa is a bachelor and girls tempt him! This being said, young and old girls who do not menustrate do occassionally enter the temple. Child bearing (sexually active) women should not. So, in Europe, there is a similar place- a holy site only men can go, and few women who trick the guards make it inside. Read more. Very interesting.

Zen Habits 
Why You (Almost) Never See a Fat Japanese (or, How I Lost 5 lbs. in Tokyo)

Leo shares some of his thoughts on Japanese approaches to health and fitness based on his recent trip to the country. His post reminded me of a book I read called, Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat: Secrets of My Mother’s Tokyo Kitchen, by Naomi Moriyama. You and your readers may be interested in it. It’s really a nice cross cultural study of the food habits. This Japanese lady lives in American and is married to an American so it’s really a cross cultural mixing of traditions and cultures. Fascinating and quick read!

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