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Jul 22

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wondering when certian secular and spiritual holidays of Indians, Americans, Hindus, Buddhist, Jews, Christians, Muslims are in August 2009?


India and American holidays August 2009
 Day  Date                    Holiday                          Represents Culture 
Wednesday  August 5, 2009 
Avani Avittam  (changing of sacred thread) Hindu - Tamil and others
Wednesday August 5, 2009    
Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan) Hindu - North India
Friday August 14, 2009  
Krishna Jayanthi (Janamasthami) Hindu
Saturday August 15, 2009  

Independance Day (1947)
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Wednesday August 19, 2009  

Parsi New Year

Saturday August 22, 2009  

Ramadan Starts

Sunday August 23, 2009  

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India -Kerala
Sunday August 23, 2009  

Ganesh Chathurthi
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Monday August 24, 2009  

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India -Kerala
Tuesday August 25, 2009  

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India -Kerala
Wednesday August 26, 2009  

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India -Kerala
Thursday August 27, 2009  

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India -Kerala
Friday August 28, 2009  

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India -Kerala
Saturday August 29, 2009  

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India -Kerala
Sunday August 30, 2009  

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India -Kerala
Monday August 31, 2009  

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India -Kerala
  Another listing of Hindu Holidays in August 2009 @ Hindu Blog



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About Onam:
Onam celebrations start in the Malayalam month of Chingam on Atham nakshatram and culminate on Thiruvonam nakshatram and is observed as Thiruvonam (Day of ONAM), the day it is believed that Mahabali comes to see his praja and rejoice.  The days (nakshatras) of Onam celebrations are Atham, Chitra, Choti, Visakham, Anizham, Trikketta, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradam, Thiruvonam (Uthradam is observed as Onnam Onam - first Onam, Thiruvonam - ONAM, and the next day i.e. Avittam Nakshatra as Moonam Onam - third onam).

On all days, starting from Atham, flower arrangements are made on the foreground of the house. Atham is an astrological measure of when this festival begins. Hence, this festival starts on the Atham Star in the Malayalam month of Chingam, which falls on different dates each year in the Western Calendar, between end of August and beginning of September.

Often times, calendars outside Kerala, and especially US will quote one day only as Onam festival. The day quoted is actually ThiruOnam, not the first day.

It is only from September 1, 2009 that major Onam celebrations start, days before lead up to these days, preparing celebrations for return of King Mahabali.

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About Ganesh Chathurthi:
Ganesh Chathurthi is a holiday dedicated to the elephant-headed god, Ganesh among Hindus. The most popular way of celebrating is making effigies of Ganesh out of clay, decorating it, and immersing it in a water body after the festival is over. This symbolizes what we take from the earth we should give back, without hurting the earth. Read more about Ganesh Chathurthi on my site: 

A Promise to Lord Ganesh: One American’s Journey to Celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi in America     

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Ganesh Chathurthi in Mauritius 

Inspirational Ganapathi Idols by Roopashri and her Friends   

Story of Lord Ganesha

Video Diary - 2009 Ganesh Chathurthi Celebrations span 2,300 Miles


Photos of our celebrations in USA:

Photos of 2009 Ganesh Chathurthi Celebrations in Colorado River, Grand Junction, CO, USA   
Photos of 2008 Ganesh Chathurthi Celebrations at Hamlin Beach, NY, USA.
Photos of 2007 Ganesh Chathurthi Visarjan at Cowanesque Lake, Pennsylvania
Photos of 2006 Ganesh Chathurthi Visarjan Celebrations at Canandaigua Lake, NY
Photos of 2004 Ganesh Chathurthi Visarjan Celebrations in Mendon Ponds, NY
Photos of 2003 Ganesh Chathurthi Visarjan at Cowanesque Lake, Pennsylvania


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