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Jul 8

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cultural Melting Pot: Rochester, New York

See an ever-growing list of Rochester Ethnic and Cultural Resources - click here.

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Being the third largest city in New York state with a population of just over 211,000, Rochester is home to many ethnicities and people of different cultures. Rochester has been a haven for newly arrived immigrants since before the ealry 1900s with the Italians and Irish (just to name a few). Of late, Rochester is home to a growing number of African-Americans, Latinos (including Mexicans and Puerto Ricans), eastern Europeans, Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Sri Lankans, Pakistanis, Malaysians) and Africans (Ethiopians, Kenyans, Rwandans, Sudanese). Everyday, it seems new people arrive in Rochester as expats, visitors or permanent citizens, new to both Rochester and American lifestyles and cultures.

Because I know how it feels to be a stranger in a strange land when I lived in India, my aim is to collect resources and hold classes to help others adjust to life in Rochester. Life will be different, but will be enriched by mixing of cultures and lifestyles. It can be a challenge to overcome culture shock in Rochester, but culture change, adaptation and integration can bring powerful life lessons and personal growth! I want to create a program to help newbies (fresh off the boats or FOBs) in Rochester adjust to life here, I want to be a cultural ambassador and intermediary. This post is one of my attempts at this.

I have some of my photos posted in flickr. I have created three groups to collect photos together in different categories. I will post slideshows to these groups in this post along with two other groups moderated by other flickr members on topics of Rochester, New York. If you do not have a flickr account, but want to contribute, please e-mail me your photo alongwith the name of photographer and captions to jennifer@alaivani.com. Thank you.

I appreciate your interest and participation in this project!

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Ethnic and Cultural Heritage in Rochester, New York

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See an ever-growing list of Rochester Ethnic and Cultural Resources - click here.

Synopsis: India, China, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Chile, Hungary, France, Poland, Germany, Ethiopia, Kenya, Australia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia are just a few of the thousands of countries, cultures and ethnicities that make up the mix of Rochester, New York. In my attempt to create an introduction to Rochester, New York and the culture of America for newly arrived immigrants to this country, I am collecting photos together from flickr into different groups to highlight the amazing diversity had in the city so we can learn from each other both our unique qualities and our common interests. The photos in the slide show below are a few of the Rochester cultural photos taken by me and my husband. Click into the post for more groupings and to add your own photos! Thank you!

Thank you for reading and participating in Alaivani.com!



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