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Jul 15

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rochester in 1963- See the History of Rochester, and the Genesee Valley AMAZING part 2 of 3
By: AutomobileHistoryUSA
Road construction in it's heyday- and airline travel welcoming all to Rochester! Wow!! Must have been an exciting time to live in Rochester!

Forgotten Places - Rochester Subway by ohlenna
Rochester's subway was both above and below ground, akin to Boston's modern's train/subway system. I first came to know about this by reading a memior of an Italian immigrant in Rochester. In the memior, Mushrooms, Sausage, and Wine: Life With An Immigrant Father, Edward Maruggi shares memories of riding the train from downtown to Charlotte Beach. In those days, Rochester was ahead of times, but then when the automobile was popularized and highways were constructed (as in the video above, impressive), the disintigration of Rochester Public Transport crumbled into what it is today. Though Rochester can be proud that the road system of the 60's has maintained the good reputation until today, giving Rochester the nickname; "The Twenty Minute City," as you can drive almost anywhere within twenty minutes, people without cars and transport do find life in Rochester more challenging if not impossible today as compared to thirty or fourty years ago.

From the YouTube Page:"Fifth in a series of explorations of abandoned, forgotten, or decaying buildings. Check out photos and the history of the abandoned subway in Rochester, NY."

One more intersting video from ohlenna: Forgotten Places- Buffalo Central Terminal (BCT, New York State)


Rochester 1989 by KKD1947

Text from the YouTube Page,"Nearly 20 years ago, I made a trip back to the city I called home during my college years - Rochester, NY. I left there to move South around 1971 and this was my first time back since then. Despite the extra cold Winters, I always loved Rochester. The area is home to a number of international businesses, including Fortune 1000 companies Eastman Kodak, Constellation Brands, and Paychex, as well as several national and regional companies. Because of the high prevalence of imaging and optical science among the industry and the universities, Rochester is known as the world capital of imaging. The Rochester Institute of Technology has one of the best imaging science departments in the country. In 2005, the University of Rochester became the largest employer in the Rochester area, surpassing Kodak.
Here, we'll take a look at some the highlights including my alma mater, RIT and it's radio station where I got my start, WITR. Also seen is Kodak's Headquarters, Xerox Bldg, Genesee Beer Co, downtown, Cobb's Hill with TV transmitters, the George Eastman House, a couple of places where I lived in the 1960s, and more. It's a quick trip thru the city. There were a lot of changes I saw in those 20 years. Perhaps it has changed again in the 20 years since I shot this tape.
BTW, the original was shot on S-VHS with a Panasonic AG camera. Even though it's analog, S-VHS was a nice, sharp format. The narration was on-the-spot back then. I re-edited it and added the music for YouTube.
I hope you enjoy my look at a fine city.
UPDATE: This video (& Kerry's Kitchen) can also be seen on Time-Warner Cable in Rochester, NY on Ch. 111.
Recorded: August 29, 1989"


A Look at Rochester by Fishgal69

From the YouTube Page, "A look at some architecture in downtown Rochester, including the Time Square building. and Genesee River views. It was just a short stay, so no time to visit a museum or tour a historic home."

Another cool video by Fishgal69: Visiting St. Louis, Missouri and Omaha, Nebraska


Other interesting Rochester, New York Videos:
4th of July Fireworks over Genesee, 2009
Fan Dance, Asian Cultural Society, Rochester Institute of Technology
Blizzard (snow storm) of 1966 in Rochester
Rochester in 1963- See the History of Rochester, AMAZING part 1
Rochester in 1963- See the History of Rochester, AMAZING part 2
Rochester in 1963- See the History of Rochester, AMAZING part 3

Want to see photo slide shows of Rochester?

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