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Aug 7

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, August 07, 2009

Brijesh Nair
A to Z of Graduate Studies in US
Inspired me so much it's reprinted in Alaivani! Thanks Brijesh!
The Ten Must Watch films of Mohanlal
Even I found a few in there I have seen! Nice selections.

Living Her DreamsFeringhee
We can All be Superheroes
Ten years ago when Caroline contacted me the first time, she talked about moving to India and traveling around South Asia to perform classical dances. In this post, and the photo to the right (posted here with her permission), she talks about the dance she performed in Nepal recently. For me, reading the post and seeing this photo bought tears to my eyes- she is surely living her dreams- as a true super heroine!

Friends on Facebook
Lead Your Life by Getting into the Flow by Cath Duncan
Tips on how to feel peace by being true to who you are!
7 Tips to Market and Give a Great Teleclass by Diana Long
Facebook Discussion on Indian and American Cultures
This exchange was inspired by Pradeep's status: "BJP and SP MPs say reality shows are not Indian culture. But then why are so many Indians watching them?"

Hindu Blog by Abhilash
How to arrange Raksha Bandhan Rakhi Thali or Puja Plate?
Karkidakam Masam (Month) in Kerala
Karkidakam Vavu Bali 2009 in Kerala
Some could trace the roots of modern American Halloween to this Ancient Indian Keralite festival that honors ancestors. However, unlike the modern Halloween, I don't think people dress in costumes, and kids do not get candy from strangers!

Life at Abhi
Revealing the Rumors of Karkidaka Kanji- Medicinal Poridge
This is a special rice gruel infused with ayurvedic and local herbs particular to Kerala had during the Karkidaka Vavu rituals- worshiping of ancestors.

Mani Karthik
9 Tips to Build your Reputation on Twitter like Guy Kawasaki
Twitter etiquette that will increase your attractiveness and likability.

Mohan's Blog
Why do you honk your horn?
Thoughts on why streets of India are full of the cacophony of vehicle horns.

New Zealand Herald- Cultures
Kowi - Answer to finding an identity in two cultures
Discusses the identity struggle of Koreans in New Zealand.

The Sari & Me
Kochuthresiamma discusses her love affair with the sari over the years.

Raji's Ramblings
Samplings of Thamboolam
Thamboolams are like 'party favors' given in Hindu homes in most places in India after attending a wedding, auspicious event, party or spiritual celebration in someone's home. Raji discusses the culture of thamboolam in South India.

Slices of Kerala Life
Mundu Wearing Compulsory- by Government Order
Mundus are the traditional dress for men in Kerala, India. These cotton sarong-like garments are becoming phased out for the more 'easy to wear', even if not more cooler, Western pants and trousers. To encourage the revitalizing of culture, the government has some new ideas.

The Hindu Education Plus
Why US is the Favored Destination (for Indians to study abroad)?
Plan Ahead for Moving to the US
Tips for Indians planning to move to America for higher studies.
Surviving Hostels and Enjoying Life
What Indian students need to know to live comfortably in hostels while studying or living away from home in India.

Zen Habits
How Giving Changes Everything
Jonathan shares how the secret of success is in the act of giving and focusing on others true wants (and not what we think they want).
Love Life, Not Stuff
Leo suggests that if we fill our lives with living rather than things, we will be happier and more fulfilled.


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