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Aug 17

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Monday, August 17, 2009

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Hindu Holidays Planning Calendar for 2010

Here are a list of select holidays scheduled in 2010.

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**Please take note that as most Hindu Holidays are calculated based on a lunar calendar, sometimes dates shift by one or two days, so recheck calendars closer to the proposed dates to assure accuracy. I will also update if required.

When is.... in 2010?

Indian America Interfaith Calendar Pongal  January 14, 2010

    An American Pongal

    Hindu Holidays in America: Pongal

    Pongal 2000- Pakka Pongal Celebration in Tamil Nadu Village

    Pongal Menu and Recipes

    Slideshow Podcast - Pongal Celebrations in Our Home in U.S.

Maha Sivarathri  February 12, 2010


Holi  February 28, 2010
Holi in a Different Hue: Exploring Connections to Holi in Kerala
Holi, The Colorful Festival by Ajoy (2004)

Ramanavami  March 24, 2010
    Ramayana, Submitted by Padmini Natarajan

Vishu/Tamil New Year  -  August 14, 2010
    Vishu Ashamsakal – Happy Vishu to One and All

Onam August 14-26, 2010
Thiruvonam  August 23, 2010

    Onam and Diwali: A Mysterious Connection

    Onam Ashamsakal – An American’s Journey to Understanding Onam

    Onam Sadhya Overload

     The Dance of Slow Gracefulness: Thiruvathirakali

             Search Alaivani for all articles on Onam

Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi)  August 24, 2010

Krishna Janamasthami  September 2, 2010
    Krishna Jayanthi - Birthday of Lord Krishna

Ganesh Chathurthi  September 11, 2010

    A Promise to Lord Ganesh: One American’s Journey to Celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi in America 

    Ganesh Chathurthi in Mauritius

    Ganesha's Blessings

    Lessons From Ganesha Chathurthi 

    Lord Ganesh Freed India From the British? 

          Search Alaivani for all articles on Ganesh Chathurthi/Vinayaka Chathurthi

Navarathri  October 8-17, 2010

    Nothing like Navarathri: An American’s Passion and Continuation of Navarathri in US

    Nothing Like Navarathri: Preparing for Festivities

    Nothing Like Navarathri: What Is Celebrated During Navarathri

             Search Alaivani for all articles on Navarathri

Navarathri - Saraswathi Puja/Ayudha Puja  October 16, 2010
    Reading Retreat

Navarathri - Vidhyarmbam/Vijaya Dashami  October 17, 2010

    Viajaya Dashami Festival in Mauritius (Part 1 of 2)

    Vijaya Dashami in Mauritius (Part 2 of 2/ Stories and Legends)

    Vidhyarmbam: Conclusion of Navarathri in Kerala

Diwali November 5, 2010

      Diwali Celebrations 2001 in India:

        How to Celebrate Diwali like a local in Six Easy Steps!

      Story of Diwali

      Onam and Diwali: A Mysterious Connection

            Search Alaivani for all articles on Diwali

All holiday dates, minus Onam/Vishu are retrieved from when-is.com.
Vishu and Onam dates retrieved from family priest in Kerala.


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vishu is not tamil new year

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