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Apr 28

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Saturday, April 28, 2007



Alaivani poetically translates from Tamil into English as ‘Waves of Sound’. 


The water we drink, the water we clean with, the water we cook with, the water we admire in the oceans and rivers, the water we see falling from the sky, the water we can’t live without is the same water that originated many thousands of years ago and has been recycled over and over.  This water holds ancient wisdom, wisdom that has sustained humans throughout time. 


Imagine the spot where several oceans or rivers converge.  It is neither a place of silence, nor a place of stormy weather.  This place is a place where sounds of various oceans or rivers converge – sharing, borrowing, mixing together various viewpoints from ancient sources, learning from each other and applying ancient knowledge to modern lifestyles.


Alaivani celebrates diverse view points on holistic living – lifestyles that integrate the body, mind, and soul.  Alaivani believes that the integration of body, mind and soul treats the whole person while healing dis-ease. In achieving this mission, Alaivani seeks to share wisdom of ancient cultures around the world.

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Re: Vision and Mission - Comments

Its a person to person appreciation. I admire your capability to adapt, admittance of accepting challenges in your life. You are a good expat example that has a streak of personality that we Indians should earn and learn from.

Best regards,


By Rahul on   Thursday, July 05, 2012

Re: Vision and Mission

Rahul, I appreciate you taking time to visit my site and leave comments! Thanks!

See my new site - http://www.authenticjourneys.info/

By Jayanthi on   Thursday, July 05, 2012

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