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Aug 28

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Friday, August 28, 2009

Dan Fishel is the host of these five videos, Columbia Business School, January 2008.

Video 1: Culture Shock Phase 1 and 2 (Honeymoon and ???) - almost 16 minutes
I notice this video has the most hits in the series. This video is the longest, at 15 min and 50 seconds, but all we get is the first eight minutes. After eight minutes for some reason the sound is muted. Maybe this is why the following videos in the series do not have even half the hits of this video. Don't let this discourage you! Watch the rest of the series. That is why I have decided to post all five videos here for you to see- as I also couldn't find the 'playlist' for all these videos in one place!

Video 2: Culture Shock Phase 3 (Where's Happy Hour!?) - almost 5 1/2 minutes
How to socialize with American college students- parties and hanging out. Dan talks about the "American phrase book". He also addresses questions such as "How long does it take to get adjusted?" "What is the culture shock curve?" "Tips on getting adjusted."

Video 3: Social Adjustment - almost 7 minutes
Dan addresses some slangs (buzz words) and sayings among the college kids at Columbia. Many phrases quoted, I believe are time, place and age dependant. For instance, some slang may be more prevalent among college kids and in New York City and at this college. Adults, parents, professionals may not talk like this. Also, for instance slang in small town may be different than in a city. Slang is also dependant on trends and fashions- that slang may still be prevalent as this video is almost two years old. However, in a few years from now, it may be non-existant.
Brief introduction to what students talk about in social, relaxed settings. Games and challenges college kids play with each other- many deal with drinking (alcohol). 
** Note by blog author - I did not participate in these games in college, and many have to do with 'hazing' and entry into fraterity and soroities. Please think thrice before participating in these games or encouraging others to do so. They can be dangerous and life threatening (people have died from them).

Video 4: "American Handshake" - about 4 minutes
A "real American" is displayed on the stage. How do you identify an American- how does he dress? I still don't understand what's wrong with white shoes? Of course, with me, I can't wear white shoes and they will get dirty. After identifying an American, Dan shows the different levels of handshake from formal to informal. It's quite a hilarious display! Enjoy this video.

Video 5: Academic Adjustment - about 7 minutes
This video may have the fewest views, but may be the most important to academic success in America. Take a careful listen to this video. I have posted a video on this topic as well. This and other videos in my cultural adjustment series are found below.

End of Dan Fishel/Columbia University Series. Leave feedback on their YouTube page.

Cultural Adjustment Video Series
In this series, you will see video tutorials on how to socialize in American college with peers and teachers, including etiquette tips. In addition to the tutorials are other videos on a cross-cultural mentoring service I have spearheaded,
Authentic Journeys. Thank you for watching.

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Jennifer Kumar is a Cross- Cultural Coach who has completed her B.A. in Communications in India and graduated with First Class at Madras Christian College with a Master's of Social Work. Jennifer understands how to be successful academically and socially in India and America. Jennifer has helped international students, foreign workers and H4, F2 and dependent spouses in USA with culture adjustment including finding work, Americanizing their resume, college admissions, American accent reduction tips and techniques and daily living tasks. She helps people to Americanize their ways of talking to be better understood by Americans while assuring they remain true to their true identity. See some of the testimonials of past clients and see some videos on American Communication Techniques and idioms here.


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