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Sep 4

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, September 04, 2009

Om Jai Jagadish Hare
Have you ever wondered what is the most important devotional song/hymn to know in the Hindu temple? I think it's Om Jai Jagadish Hare, as it is sung during the Aarathi (showing flame to god) and therefore, is sung at each bhajan session. She has posted the video, the Hindi lyrics with English transliteration and translation.

Breath Dream Go
Do's and Don'ts in India
Mariellen shares a few tips on things to definitely do when in India and things you're better off avoiding.

Coaching from Spirit Challenge

Do Your Clients Follow the Correct Steps to Quit a Job?

Sharon shares some thoughts on how to exit a job 'on a high note'. Very enlightening!

DragonArtz Designs
Curl Tree Design Vector
I was searching for good clipart, and found this fascinating and inspiring site! Using the clip arts requires small fees to the designer, but well worth it. Click in to see this design and many other wonderfully inspiring ones.

Hijab Style
Burqini Swimwear Makes a Splash
Islamic women swim, but not in a modern bathing suit. After seeing these swimming costumes, that in Western culture seem more like a scuba diving costume, I wish that these were acceptable for all types of women. In fact, I would wear one, in fact complete with burqa- for practical reasons- keeping my long hair dry! Thanks for sharing this information.

Hindu Blog by Abhilash
Athachamayam Procession at Tripunithara in Kerala – Announcing the Arrival of Onam Festival
Nuakhai – Orissa Harvest Festival Thanking Mother Earth

Hindu Education Plus
What is the meaning of 'rain check'?
Indian Doctors, Made Abroad
This article is apt and relates to an article I recently posted on an interview with Sneha Nair, a Keralite studying medicine in China.
Social Work apt for a public career

I'd Rather Burn Out than Fade Away
Location, Comfort Zone and Culture
Akshay shares his thoughts on living in and feeling comfortable in different cities in India.

Maddy's Ramblings
Breakfast at Changi
Maddy shares his experiences people watching in Changi airport in Singapore.

Mine Your Resources
Why Resisting Change is Boring
Cath shares with us why we are intrigued and at the same time intimidated by change in others and in ourselves.

The Cutlery Crisis
This short article highlights beautiful irony in mixing Western and Indian cultures at a Western-set dining table.

Scaling New Heights
Going Back to India for Good- Tale of Two Friends
Brijesh shares his thoughts on his Indian friends who have moved to America and Kuwait and their pathways back home to India.

Zen Habits
Work as Play by Leo


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