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Oct 5

Written by: Jayanthi
Monday, October 05, 2009

Video Diary - 2009 Ganesh Chathurthi Celebrations span 2,300 Miles

When I lived in India, I made a promise to Lord Ganesh, that I would celebrate his birthday in the best way I could when I got back to the US. So, far I have kept my promise, and it has really enriched my life in so many ways.

Many may ask why I made this promise. One reason among others I shared in “A Promise to Lord Ganesh: One American’s Journey to Celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi in America,” was to thank Mother Earth for what I am so abundantly given and to return to earth in a non-harming way what I can. Because of this, as it is traditional (not always practiced in modern cities, though, unfortunately), to make Ganesh out of clay and return Him to the river after prayers. This symbolizes the perfect give and take relationship we should ideally have with Mother Earth. I don’t get clay from rivers, but use store-bought wheat flour and water to make my Ganesh murthi (idol). And, when it is time for him to go back into the Earth, into the water, we travel to nearby rivers or lakes to hold a small ceremony. Generally, we do few prayers or rituals, minus one year our friend, Mithila did a ‘pakka’ puja for us, but say a friendly thank you for being with us and a loving goodbye, and He’s on his way. This year, we would have never known where Ganesh would take us. Our original plan was to go to Cayuga Lake Park, but ended up some 2.500 miles from home in Colorado!

Here is a slide show video narrating the years  2003-2009 that Ganesh has graced us through my handiwork from dough to a form of Ganesh to riverside and back into the Earth again. Hope you enjoy Ganesh’s documentary and birthday celebrations in New York, Pennsylvania and Colorado!

Here is an edited musical video of our 2009 Ganesh Visarjan in the Colorado River.

Here is a video of Ganesh lying in the water, with the water waving musically over his body. We had travelled through many roads bordering the Colorado River where the river lived up to its name of ‘red or muddy waters’. Here was saw crystal clear water. It was an amazing and memorable sight. The only other stop on the Colorado I remember it so clear was in Zion National Park. I have yet to see many other expanses of this river to make a better determination.

Lastly, here are links to Ganesh Visarjans and celebrations from previous years.
Enjoy browsing at your leisure and thank you for spending time on Alaivani.com.

I’d love to hear and host your Ganesh Visarjan celebration stories from around the world here! E-mail me if so inclined. Thank you for your consideration.


About Ganesh Chathurthi:
Ganesh Chathurthi is a holiday dedicated to the elephant-headed god, Ganesh among Hindus. The most popular way of celebrating is making effigies of Ganesh out of clay, decorating it, and immersing it in a water body after the festival is over. This symbolizes what we take from the earth we should give back, without hurting the earth. Read more about Ganesh Chathurthi on my site: 

A Promise to Lord Ganesh: One American’s Journey to Celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi in America     

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Story of Lord Ganesha

Photos of our celebrations in USA:

Photos of 2009 Ganesh Chathurthi Celebrations in Colorado River, Grand Junction, CO, USA
Photos of 2008 Ganesh Chathurthi Celebrations at Hamlin Beach, NY, USA.
Photos of 2007 Ganesh Chathurthi Visarjan at Cowanesque Lake, Pennsylvania
Photos of 2006 Ganesh Chathurthi Visarjan Celebrations at Canandaigua Lake, NY
Photos of 2004 Ganesh Chathurthi Visarjan Celebrations in Mendon Ponds, NY
Photos of 2003 Ganesh Chathurthi Visarjan at Cowanesque Lake, Pennsylvania

More Videos from our visit to Colorado.

When is... Ganesh Chathurthi?
Mark your calendars!

Saturday 11 September 2010
Saturday 11 September 2010
Wednesday 19 September 2012
Monday 9 September 2013
Friday 29 August 2014
Thursday 17 September 2015

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