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Nov 2

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Monday, November 02, 2009

Pittsford SunriseSunrise in Pittsford, New York.

Thought it fitting to start the post with the rising sun. Right in our own backyard, literally, we found this sunrise spot only recently! It's really an impressive viewpoint, and even more fortunate were we to view the rising sun with an amazing, dramatic sky.

Click into this link to see other snaps of sunrise by Krishna in amazing locations such as Canandaigua, New York, Chennai and Kanyakumari, India.


Road Runner

Syracuse Nationals Car Show, July 2009

Every year my sister's husband and his family enter their classic American cars into a car show in Syracuse on the New York State Fairgrounds. Though they been doing this forever, this is the first year I have gone. It was quite a nice experience to see how people 'soup up' their cars or 'pimp their rides.' People really are quite creative and attentive to detail with these antique cars.

Click the photo to see more photos.

See wikipedia for information on Syracuse Nationals. As a tip, if you want to attend, local stores in the area will sell discounted tickets in advance of the event.


Golu 2009

Navarathri Golu - Dolls Display 2009

Every year, I have been keeping this dolls display as per Tamil Nadu Navarathri tradition. I especially enjoy this celebration for what it represents to me- through the dolls of all cultures and spiritual paths, I can bring the good spirits of these paths into our home for short periods through the year.

Read more about Navarathri on my blog by starting with this article-
Nothing like Navarathri: An American’s Passion and Continuation of Navarathri in US


Sand Bench, Rest Area I-70 UTSand Bench, Rest Area I-70 UT

This may not have been the photo Krishna would have chosen to represent this set, but I like it because it shows the rock sides with holes. The holes on the sides of these rocks are quite large, and in fact, I was able to climb inside these rocks. There are photos of me playing and posing in the rocks, click on the photo into the album to see it.

In Utah, on route 70 in both east and west directions between the exits for Arches and Capitol Reef have rest areas called 'view areas'- they are without electricity and running water. Each view area has a unique theme, hiking or biking can be done at each area, but at your own risk as there is no water or cell phone reception in some areas for up to a 100 mile or more radius. However, if one does decide to venture into this arid, unforgiving land, the view points and memories will last with you forever. See Jamie Ann's blog on adventure hikes in off-the-beaten places, including these route 70 locations.


Jen's SoapHandmade Soaps

Last, but never least, I am highlighting one of the photos Krishna took of my handmade soap. I debated to display it here- but above all this photo symbolizes a respect and boundless support of a husband for his wife's creativity, interests and passions. Of course, it's a two-way street as if I had not made the soap, he would not have had the opportunity to test and experiment with his photography skills.

My handmade soaps site.



Thank you for browsing this post and into the photos of Krishna, my talented husband.

See last month's photologue here with highlights of Utah trip.



...My husband has been engulfed in work for more than 12 hours somedays. Despite this, he has managed to post over 100 shots to his flickr account this past month: Utah Road Trip (still more to come...), India trip 2009 (still more to come), Syracuse Nationals Car Show 2009, Navarathri Golu 2009 and shots of my own handmade soaps among other amazing shots.

Image, right: entry to Ekambareswara temple, Kanchipuram. Read more about Ekambareswara here.

Click in to see intriguing and impressive images.

Copyright ©2009 Jennifer Jayanthi Kumar


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