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Nov 6

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, November 06, 2009

Global Coach Center
Culture Shock Revisited or Is It Really All About Going Through the Stages

Global Coach suggests that culture shock happens through a change of perspectives rather than 'stages' as in the original culture shock curve. (I talk about this culture shock curve in, Photography at Delicate ArchIntegrating Two Worlds: Life in America with an Indian Twist.)

Indian Express
Indians form largest group of expatriates in the UAE: report

Living in Lucca
A Top 20 List of Things I've found Interesting in Italy
Deborah, an American recently replanted in Italy, shares some interesting cultural oddities in Italy.

NRI Maami
Navarathri 2009

Maami shares a tutorial on how to make a Kolu Padi (step for dolls display) and her Navarathri celebrations in America.
Read my interview with NRI Maami on integrating Indian culture into American life- Inspiring!

Raji's Ramblings
Navarathri in Newport
Raji shares her experiences celebrating Navarathri in America with the traditions of both North and South India all in one!

The Power of Gratitude
Symbols in Nature: Achieving Your Dreams

Marnie shares an awe-inspiring video of her trip to Utah- Bryce National Park. It intrigued me because we also made a trip to Bryce this year (photos videos), and also her message is timely and inspirational! Take a listen, you will be most inspired!

Zen Habits
The Anti-Fast Food Diet

Leo shares his thoughts on the 'slow food' movement, slowing down, appreciating hearty foods will be better for our health and the health of the planet.
The Beginner's Guide to Minimalist Travel
Leo shares tips on how to travel light to simplify travel and enjoy without heavy loads to carry!


Last Month's Blog Bling


Sometimes we are inspired most when we are away from our 'comfort zone' and in places we find exotically beautiful.

Expressing oneself through introspection in nature, cultural celebrations and everyday life events in another country, or in learning to slow yourself down and appreciate a simpler life are all topics discussed in this month's blog posts that have inspired me. Click in to read expressions of Indian culture in America, American lifestyle adjustments in Italy, Introspection in the exotic beauty of Utah, and other amazing insights that inspire and motivate!

Photo right: My husband finding his own inspiration in the exotic red stone structures of Utah.

Thank you for spending time on my blog.



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