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Mar 25

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Sunday, March 25, 2007

This blog has been initiated by me.  Also the week of this blog’s initiation, I decided for motivation, that I’d pick a word of the week and think of it everyday to help keep me on the right path.


This week’s word was initiation.


In retrospect the word initiation was fitting for this week since at least two initiations I know of happened this week.  March 19 was Ugadi, the New Year in some parts of India.  A New Year is undoubtedly an initiation.  And spring 2007 was initiated on March 21.


How am I using the word of the week to encourage myself?  If I am facing a question that needs to be answered or a situation that needs to be solved, I will ask myself a question using this word in a positive way. 


I have been having a hard time at work prioritizing tasks and deciding what to do first. So this week I asked myself, “What should I initiate first?”  Then I thought if this task is initiated, will I be able to complete it and will it allow me to initiate the other tasks on my list? So I ended up rearranging my to-do list based on this question.  This week I was able to catch up on so much back log. Yes, there are still things left to do, but not as much as before!  The stress has been reduced, no doubt!


On Thursday I had a headache since morning.  Just before lunch, I asked myself, “How can I initiate getting over this headache?”  Since the most important tasks were completed for the day at work, I called my boss and told her I was going home.  But, going home and resting works just as well as trying to concentrate on work to relieve my headaches!  What usually relaxes my pains interestingly is physical activity.  So, instead of going home and lying down, I went to the gym and did my regular work out.  In  addition to this, I initiated a class in water aerobics.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had never done anything like that before.  The class time went by quite fast, and after this class I sat in the sauna.  The whole two and a half hours spent in the gym not only relaxed me, but cured the headache.  I think this happened since exercise seems to be a type of mediation for me that dumps things out of my mind!


So, the next initiation as far as this blog is concerned in initiating posts regularly then hopefully daily!


Far as my word of this week for this week- it will be sustain, meaning maintaining a good standard.


If you have any ideas for words I can use, do leave your comments!

Copyright ©2007 Jennifer Jayanthi Kumar


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Re: Initiation

We need to take advantage of newer technology to improve our productivity. I am glad to see you initiate a blog. I am sure we will see more frequent updates from you.

By cskishore on   Monday, March 26, 2007

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