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Dec 4

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, December 04, 2009

Africa Expat Wives Club
It's a Fair Cop
In some places, it makes sense and could actually be encouraged to 'ignore the cops'? Read about an interesting situation in the streets of Nairobi, Kenya.

Breath Dream Go
English, Indian English, Hinglish
Mariellen shares her thoughts on a Lonely Planet publication that helps us understand another dialect of English - as used in India.

Composed Volcano
10 Things South Indian Films Have Taught Me?
A light-hearted approach to learning life lesson from popular Indian Cinema.

Culture Broker's Musings
Wish I'd Known That When I Moved Abroad
Thoughts on expectations on moving abroad.
So.. Where do you Come From?
Thoughts on how to answer this question being a person who's lived in and absorbed the cultures of multiple countries.
Speak to Me...
Thoughts on encouraging bilingualism and emotional attachment to language while raising children.

Diary of a White Indian Housewife
Answers to Questions about My Life in India
Sharrel, an Australian married to an Indian and settled in Mumbai shares some reflections on a few frequently asked questions about her life in India.

Global Coach Center
Cross-Cultural Training: Creating Foundations or Creating Judgments?
A very interesting introspective into reasons why people who attend cross-cultural trainings may have more biases than those who don't.

The Globe Trotter Parent
Nestle's New Way of Harming African Babies
Interesting insight into how marketing of products is misinterpreted across national borders.

The Hindu
Highest Percentage of Indian Students in U.S.
Despite economic problems in U.S., Indian students continue to put faith in American education and having a better life in US, as stated in this report.

Hindu Blog

Goddess Varahi
Abhilash shares some attributes of a less frequently-discussed goddess of Hinduism with a head of a boar!

The Indians Abroad
12 Self-Help Tips on Improving Desi English Language
This is a nice guide for Indians who may consider moving to U.S. It can help one to assimilate into American English speech patterns a little easier. Nice insight and tips.

Kerala Views
Most Children are Physically Unfit
The pace of modern, urban life is catching up in India, as narrated in this short post.

Neo Indian
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Doing Namaste
A humorous take on the etiquette of prostrating to elders in India.

Chanderi Saris of Madhya Pradesh
I love to learn about sari styles across India. It always amazes me to know that a particular type of sari has a particular name and belongs to special regions of India. Read about the Chanderi Sari.

Shiva's Arms

What's the Book About?
Shiva's Arms, a novel by Cheryl Snell is a story of an American woman married to an Indian man and how they were able to adjust to the Indian culture and inlaws through life. I have a hard time reading novels, but this novel really caught me up in several sections and kept me engaged until the end! A really good read!

Slices of Kerala Life
The World is Getting Small but are we becoming Closer?
Examines balancing interpersonal relations with pace of life as India becomes more and more fast-paced, even in more traditional areas, such as Kerala.
Rising Gold Prices- Kasavu Clothes on the Decline
It's not just modern life and westernization of clothing that changes people's outlook toward traditional fashion in India, but economics. A traditional two-piece 'set mundu' sari or a one piece 'Kerala sari' with varied size of real gold thread borders are becoming difficult for people to afford as gold prices rise.
Speak Malayalam and Earn a State Government Job
Residents in Kerala State (India) speak Malayalam. Though many speak Malayalam other issues arise for locals to want employment in the government offices.


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