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Dec 11

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Friends:

Hope all are well. Wishing you the most joyous and abundant holidays and New Year ahead!

In the past month as we celebrated Thanksgiving, I realized how much we all have to be thankful for. Everyday, I thank GOD for the amazing acceptance and love I feel and experience from family and friends. In these times, when people disagree and argue over so many topics, I am happy to be in a family and surrounded by others who really care for and support each other. This is the best holiday gift- and gift in general- that anyone can have. If you have such a blessing in your life, acknowledge it, give thanks to God and the universe, and it will continue to grow in through January 2010 celebrations and beyond!

Also in the last month, this sense of closeness to others has affected me on a different level as a good friend, George Thaliath has suddenly been taken from us to go stay with God. Over the past few years, he had become a good family friend, giving support and friendship to us, and also especially to my father-in-law in India. Though we met via Internet some years ago, his life has affected us on so many deeper levels via Internet and through in-person meetings. Because of this, I posted two tributes to George; one from our family and one from his friends. Feel free to read the tributes and leave your thoughts behind.

Giving thanks in passing is as important as giving thanks while alive. Giving thanks helps people prosper and grow in wonderful ways. I have made some great friends via Internet who are home-based business women selling handmade and import items. I have shared their creations and promotions: an Indian cookery e-book, handmade soap, handmade jewelry, and imported Indian fashions. If you are looking for some unique Christmas gifts, and want to support local businesses, inspired by down-to-earth, honest, hard-working women and moms, check out the promos! I appreciate you supporting those who support the Alaivani community.

A special "thank you" to three community members. Abhilash of Hindu Blog donated an informative post on reasons to celebrate Karthigai Deepam, a festival of lights in Tamil Nadu, South India (link below). Ramesh shared his wisdom and comments on vegetarian culture in India through the ages. Srivalli, of Cooking 4 All Seasons, shared a recipe on Paneer Makhani on my cookery blog (link below).

To all in the Alaivani community, I appreciate your support and the time you spend reading my blog and interacting with me on Facebook!

Happy Holidays.
May you and your family experience boundless happiness and success in 'Twenty Ten'.

Jennifer Jayanthi Kumar

Alaivani - Waves of Sound

Blog Bling December 2009
Westerners married to South Asians living exciting lives in India and Pakistan highlight this month's interesting blog posts shared with Alaivani community.

Kartikai Deepam Reason – Why do we observe Karthigai Deepam?
Karthigai Deepam is 'the Tamil festival of lights'. These lights, one can say, are burning as thousands of 'birthday candles' to celebrate the birthday of Lord Murugan, the brother of Lord Ganesh.

Myth Busters: Myths of India (2001)

After living in India for two years as a typical graduate student at Madras Christian College, some of my close friends and family wanted to know what I learned about India. They had a lot of questions, some were good questions based on studying and knowing other Indian friends, but others were based on myths. This list of myths was created in 2001 from statements and questions people asked me when I returned to USA from India.

Tribute to George Thaliath Friends Tribute to George Thaliath

Updated Social Networks - An easy way to follow me and interact with fans!

Vegetarianism: Non-violence as Daily Practice
Indian and Hindu social and spiritual guides such as the Thirukkural, Manusmriti, Mahabharata as well as respected spiritual leaders such as Swami Dayananda Saraswathi (Arsha Vidya Gurukulam),are quoted in this article that explores the spiritual side of vegetarianism.

Facebook Notes

Easy Salsa Recipe- With a Twist
This is a chunky salsa good for dipping chips or adding as a topping to dish of your creative desire.

Krishna Kumar's Flickr Photos

A glimpse into our lives from the artistic eye of my husband.
For Thanksgiving we visited Toronto for the Cavalcade of Lights. This is a must see tourist attraction for anyone interested in seeing Christmas tree lighting ceremonies. Toronto - 27th November 2009

He continues to work on posting photos from our best vacation ever- Utah trip. Photo, right, Delicate Arch in Moab, Utah. (Photo by Krishna Kumar, used with permission.) We drove from New York to Utah- over 5,300 miles! Utah Road Trip 2009

Vegetarian Cuisine

Indian Inspired Vegetarian Soup/Stew

A little ajwain and lentils (dhal), a little orzo, a little celery, parsley and basil- a cross-cultural mix of tastes!

Paneer Makhani - Fried Homemade Cheese Cubes in Flavorful Cream Sauce by Srivalli
Srivalli is a talented cook and photographer, an all around artist! Her recipes are fun and creative. She recently released an e-book with 15 unique Indian vegetarian recipes that will tempt any taste bud. More details here.

Cavalcade of LightsRecipe Review December 2009
Tempt your culinary creativity with deep fried cauliflower, kidney beans or potato stews, and a unique gravy made of gooseberry. Also learn secrets of the Pakistani kitchen.

Temptations from the Tamil Table: Review of Viji Varadarajan’s Samayal South Indian Cookbook
Are you searching for a good cookbook focused on South Indian meals, menu items, snacks, dishes, sweets, and more? This collection of vegetarian delights, Samayal, should be on your Christmas list for anyone wanting to try some ethnic vegetarian cookery! Read the review for more insights.


(photo, right, Toronto, Cavalcade of Lights, 2009, Krishna Kumar.)

Thank you for spending time on Alaivani.com.


Copyright ©2009 Jennifer Jayanthi Kumar


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Re: Alaivani Newsletter December 2009

I used to read your newsletter in a jiffy before, but after becoming active in FB, i have started reading this newsletter seriously and really impressed how u cover so many topics... Kudos to you Jennifer :)

By Vidhya on   Monday, December 21, 2009

Re: Alaivani Newsletter December 2009

Good stuff. Just added you to my blog roll

By The Indians Abroad on   Monday, December 21, 2009

Re: Alaivani Newsletter December 2009

Vidhya, Thank you for your feedback. Happy you appreciate my efforts. I appreciate you spending time on my website!

Indians Abroad, I am honored. You have a great website. I suggest all my readers to read your blog.

Indians Abroad

By admin on   Monday, December 21, 2009

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