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Dec 21

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Monday, December 21, 2009

American English and Cultural Lessons

Preparing oneself to move to another country is a daunting task. One of the obvious skills one would have to learn if moving to another country that has another language than your native tongue is learning a new language!  From personal experience, learning a new language and applying it abroad is much different than often expected! I hope to present you a series of video lessons on American English and culture that could help you adjust to life in America with more ease!

A big THANK YOU to a wonderful person who’s making this all possible! I am honored to know you!

In this post, there are lessons on:
1. Language and Cultural Explanation: What is “Black Ice”?
2. Language and Cultural Explanation: What is a “Midnight Snack”?
3. Etiquette and everyday interactions in American Grocery Stores
4. Practice of sounds in American English: Letters “L” and “R”


Language and Cultural Explanation: What is “Black Ice”?

Language and Cultural Explanation: What is a “Midnight Snack”?

Etiquette and everyday interactions in American Grocery Stores

Practice of sounds in American English: Letters “L” and “R”

Recently, I started volunteering through Literacy Volunteers, and even more recently started as a ‘literacy teacher’ to an expat living here in America. I am told by the agency, I am a teacher, and no doubt, I am sure I am helping my partner in cross-cultural understanding learn some English skills that will help ease her transition into life in America, however, I am learning just as much from her about America from someone else’s perspective! These kinds of experiences always amaze me. The things we take for granted- in any place we live on earth- the things we do habitually that are unusual or even uncomfortable to others may be called ‘culture shock’. I like to call it ‘lifestyle adjustment’ as such things can happen throughout life, even if we live in the same town our entire lives.

In imparting skills in improving English speaking skills, I am not following a book chapter by chapter, though I do refer to LitStat (Amazon link, right). Rather, we have a free-flowing conversation and learn as we go! What a nice way to learn from each other. Because of this, the lessons we shared really do not have a single theme. I decided to combine the lessons from the class into video presentations that anyone can benefit from.

(If you are a resident in Rochester, New York and desire to improve your English skills (reading, writing or speaking), an American citizen or foreign national (expat, international student, refugee), contact Literacy Volunteers for help with language skills. If you’d like to interact with me for one-on-one cultural adjustment skills, contact me. Thank you for spending time on my website.

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spoken english teacher Jennifer to the Indians flying to US

thanks for the useful lessons Jennifer akka... Thanks also to the Wonderful person who’s making this all possible liked those toys in the background. btw what do you generally have as a "Midnight Snack" in US ? I think easily digestible fruits or juices are the best choice at that time of the day coz if you have American fatty foods like buns etc., and go to sleep then it can deposit as fat in your body. Isn't it ?

Thank you, Ramarao! Happy you could see this page. I am happy to share useful information.
Fruits would be a healthy midnight snack, as you suggested. However, most midnight snacks are unhealthy like ice cream, cakes and sugary and fatty foods. Anyhow this is what most people talk about. I rarely have midnight snacks, because I eat dinner late (Indian times), so I am not hungry in the night.

By ramaraobobby on   Monday, March 15, 2010
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