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Jan 4

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Monday, January 04, 2010

Krishna, my husband, loves to spend his spare time improving his photography skills. Many of our travels are planned around photography opportunities, in fact we could say we attend many of our own self-directed photo-safaris! Travelling with such a passionate photographer puts a spin on tourism and adventuring out that even in typical tourist areas puts us 'off the beaten path.'

This year, one of our wonderful, mysterious, mystical trips landed us in Kanchipuram, town of one thousand temples in South India. Spending just over a day is not enough, we understand, but within this short time, my wonderful friends of course showered their love and care on us showing us the best hospitality in Kanchipuram, taking us to several temples and areas of sari weavers. Of one of the hundreds of photos taken, Krishna was moved to submit the below photo of Vaikuntha Perumal temple. This wonderful temple is a unique offering. Inside the prayer area (grabha graha), there is a place behind the gods where people can crawl around the back of the gods to do circumambulation. I did not do this, though other women in saris ahead of us did prove their skill in sari wearing by crawling in that space. Krishna did it and mentioned was one of the most interesting temple experiences to date. Because I myself could not crawl behind, this temple of course leaves more mystical impressions on me.

In the photo below, my friend and I are walking through the open hallways of this rock-carved temple.

If you are moved by this photo, click the photo to go to the Outdoor Photograher page to vote. You will have to register and then vote by pressing on the number of stars you think it deserves. Do take time to look through and vote for the other photographs as well. Thanks for your time, interest and support.


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