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Jan 8

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, January 08, 2010

Greetings Friends!

Welcome 2010! Hope the new year and decade has found you in good health and spirits.

This month's newsletter focuses on links of the past month- which include diary posts recapping the wonders and amazing people and talents met in 2009 through Alaivani. I wish this to only grow through 2010 and beyond.

I humbly request a few moments of your time to click out of Alaivani to vote for a very important photo. My husband took this photo in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India in 2009. It has been submitted to a national magazine. Each vote you place enters your name in a contest to win a prize! We appreciate your time and encouragement!

Thank you and Have a Great January and 2010 and decade ahead!!

Jennifer Jayanthi Kumar

Alaivani Soap Blog
How to make Melt-and-Pour on your own

Alaivani - Waves of Sound
2009 - A Year Dedicated to YOU - Readers and Contributors!!
A recount of friends and amazing people I met and interacted with because of this website! Thanks new and longstanding friends for spending your time on my site and interacting with me!
American English and Cultural Lessons
Short video tutorials on American English accent training and American English idioms and cultural implications.
Blog Bling January 2009
Expats in India, cross-cultural self-development, exploration of misconceptions and stereotypes, and much more in this month's blog articles review!
Captivating, Mystical, Mysterious Kanchipuram

Vaikunta Perumal temple leaves images of wonder in our minds and hearts- and is part of Outdoor Magazine's photo contest. Click in to read more! Outdoor Photographer - Mystical Adventures Gallery - Vote until January 15, 2010
Free Life Coaching Cross-Cultural Mentoring Opportunity
Moving around the world or across the country can offer opportunities of self-growth and self-exploration. Some moves require us to adapt to totally new surroundings- behaviorally, mentally, and emotionally. Sometimes when we are adapting to a new area, having a mentor help us through the changes can be encouraging. Click in to hear a special message from me!



Hindu American 2009 Interfaith and Social Calendar
Over 100 holidays and celebrations of India, America and a range of spiritual faiths represented. Click in to see the expanded list of holidays.
Images of our lives in 2009
Krishna chose some of his favorite photos of our travels over 2009.
Mysterious Laws of Attraction – Barriers to Indian-American Friendship and Relationship Building
Can Indians and Americans be attracted to each other for life-long friendships or serious marital relationships? What do we have in common? Where do we differ that may prevent attraction, relatability or understanding? I explore some of my thoughts on this topic in a video blog.
Video Diary - Welcome 2010

Krishna's Flickr Photostream
Arches National Park (Utah - Unique Desert Rock Structures)
Bryce Canyon Hike into Hoodoos, Startrails, and more! (Utah - National Parks of America)
Canyonlands by Night (Moab, Utah) - Boat Trip
GRAMNY XMas Celebration -Malayalee/Kerala Cultural Club, Rochester, NY
Mushroom Rock State Park
Zion National Park

Vegetarian Cuisine
2009- A Year of Friends and Food
Recap of new friendships and culinary lessons from 2009.
Coconut Chutney-Dosa-Idli Photologue
Tutorial on making dosa, idli and coconut chutney with mouthwatering and tempting photos.
Recipe Review January 2010
Some favorite Recipes of the last month's web surfing.

Thank you for spending time on Alaivani.com.


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