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Jan 21

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Thursday, January 21, 2010


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Introductions      Relating and Mentoring     Lifestyle Inventory       Three Tier Approach      Conclusions/Review

Jennifer Kumar, Lifestyle and Cultural Adjustment Mentor, c2010, Authentic Journeys
Enjoy your journey – exploring all that life has to offer you!
Here is a worksheet with more information on this slide show.

Experience Inspiring Cross-Cultural Relationships

When I face a challenge, I naturally find others who have faced it so I can find some advice from those who have come out the other side successful. However, I learned as a newcomer, that I can find help even when things are not in crisis mode. In fact, because I figured out what would be a problem early on, and found help when it wasn’t bad yet, I averted a crisis later on! I felt in reaching out to others when I still had a positive attitude about the situation (because it wasn’t a crisis yet), I could learn about the particular situation I was facing from others who also experienced it, but also find other ways of relating to others. Naturally, when we are in a good mood, we can continue conversations on many topics to get to know each other- not only regarding our situations, but things about who we are- our passions for life- hobbies, interests, dreams for the future and fond memories. Things that make us…. unique!

In the relating and mentoring method, I offer a solution to averting cross-cultural adjustment challenges that is really “as easy as pie”. It can offer us new ideas, approaches, and a new way of understanding the culture of our new community from an insider perspective. People who have lived in an area for any length of time can help us- mentor us to success! My friends and classmates helped me in India to master success over what was previously “easy as pie”- talking and spelling my name! It can sometimes be the most pedestrian, habitual behaviors that suddenly become challenging when adapting to new lifestyles.

What are some of your experiences?
What were some simple behaviors you had to change when you moved to a new place?
How easy was it for you to change?
Did it help you relate to others better, leading to more new friends and enriching relationships?

Like you, I have exposed myself to different cultures right in my own backyard, but I have also travelled across the United States three times by car and bus seeing almost all 48 states, and I have seen parts of five countries: Canada, Oman, India, Malaysia and United Kingdom. I lived in India for two years, where as an international student, I earned my master’s degree in Social Work. In that situation I was a complete outsider- at least from a racial perspective- the only Westerner and White most of the time I was there. But, internally, I found ways to relate to people and make friends, though I did struggle with some of the approaches to life. I would be honored for you to watch my five-part video series on “Gauging Success in Adapting to Different Cultures and Lifestyles” where I share with you three tips and techniques (self-development) exercises that can be helpful to anyone experiencing challenges as a newcomer to any community- or one who is in an intercultural relationship, interfaith relationship, or wants to explore their evolving thoughts and approaches to the world on different levels. These techniques, life coaching and mentoring strategies are useful on your own, with your friends or family, or with me! I am willing to help you explore these facets of your life on different levels to help you feel and experience success, happiness, ease, comfort and passion with your evolving self- the wonder that is you!!

I am honored to be in touch with you! Thank you for spending your valuable time with me. This five part series lasts in total about 30 minutes.

Enjoy your journey – exploring all that life has to offer you!

Jennifer Kumar's Facebook profileDo you want to discuss and find resolutions to your cross-cultural, multicultural or interfaith relationship problems in a safe, confidential environment with a multi-cultural coach? Creator of these cultural adjustment podcast training series, Jennifer Kumar is a multicultural mentor who is looking forward to meeting you via phone, Skype, e-mail or in person to help you explore your personal development as you create your cross-cultural lifestyle whereever you live. To know more about how I can help you on your Authentic Journey, visit my cross-cultural coaching website or send your questions to me at authenticjourneys@gmail.com. Thanks!

More Information on cross-cultural and multicultural adjustment help - click here.


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