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Jan 22

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, January 22, 2010

by: Jennifer Kumar, Cross-Cultural Coach

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All five videos in the training - Gauging Success in Adapting to Different Cultures and Lifestyles -

See all 5 parts of this Free Culture Shock/ Culture Adjustment Tips Training Here!

Introductions      Relating and Mentoring     Lifestyle Inventory       Three Tier Approach      Conclusions/Review

Jennifer Kumar, Lifestyle and Cultural Adjustment Mentor, c2010, Authentic Journeys
Enjoy your journey – exploring all that life has to offer you!
Here is a worksheet with more information on this slide show.

Alleviating Culture Shock By Taking Inventory of Your Life!

Businesses take inventory of their products or services for various reasons:
(1) To see which are well –stocked, and which need to be replenished
(2) To see which are good sellers, and which can be replaced
(3) To reassess the value of the stock left for consumption
(4)….and other reasons….

Have you ever considered taking inventory of different aspects of your life? I believe by doing so we can assess where we are on the pathway to being in love with our own life- and if I dare say, being intrigued by our own life! What a concept! Are you ready to be intrigued and enthralled by your own life?

Focusing on our Weaknesses to Overcome Our Weaknesses is NOT the answer!

Many assume that by setting goals for the weaknesses we create success. Maybe this is true for a fraction of people. I believe it to be the opposite. Once we focus and build on the strengths, the weaknesses will naturally seem to be less challenging and may not even be relevant anymore! This is relevant to understanding and remaining true to yourself while adjusting to new cultures and lifestyles.

Adapting new behaviors and lifestyles can be exciting, but it can also be emotionally, physically, mentally and intellectually draining, and for some, paralyzing. At these times our “inventories” are off balance. Maybe we try too hard to fit in – without any positive feedback. Maybe we try to please our bosses or teachers, realizing we still don’t understand why our superb social skills that we learned ‘back home’ aren’t received the same way in our new home. Maybe we find ourselves in a way of thinking and behaving that feels out of sorts- we just don’t feel like ourselves. Much of our energy is drained contemplating on what is going wrong. It’s not all about the negative- we get more of what we think about. Let us change the frequency of our thoughts to focus on positive thoughts. The more we think positive thoughts and react positively the better outlook and experience we have in life.

Using our Strengths and Unique Personality Traits to Be Successful in All Areas of Life
While assessing the different areas of life, I feel it is important to be objective. Try to look at your life from an outsider’s point of view. Often when we are faced with challenges, others become our best cheerleaders. We may not always understand or embrace our full potential. Ask others, and start brainstorming all your amazing accomplishments, positive traits and happy memories. Assess why they were happy. What made the successes so successful? What did you do that created success? How did you approach the world then? What were your thoughts about the world? About yourself? Focus only on the positives. This type of ‘inventory’ can be uplifting and beneficial to understanding how to incorporate success into areas of life that are not going so well.

For instance, take a husband and wife who love each other very much, but rather than express their love, daily they shout and belittle each other. But, they remember the days they showed tender affection for each other. Let’s say one of those behaviors was saying “How was your day?” and hugging each other when they met after coming home from work. The couple could consciously work this into back their daily routine, and over time reduce negativity in the home (this was a successful technique I helped someone create to improve their married life).

Understanding Your Personal Inventory = Cultural Adjustment Success!
By taking inventory, we not only realize which areas of our lives are strong and also require attention, but we also realize that we are indeed unique individuals with unique talents, strengths and life purpose. Though we of course, also realize our weaknesses in this process- we must learn to embrace them so that we can use our strengths to overcome them. This comes with a deeper look into the ‘life wheel’ or “Lifestyle Inventory” and a series of self-development exercises. And, yes, the life wheel can be adjusted to your unique situations if so required; we can work on it together!

I am honored to be in touch with you! Thank you for spending your valuable time with me. This five part series lasts in total about 30 minutes.

Enjoy your journey – exploring all that life has to offer you!

Jennifer Kumar's Facebook profileCreator of these cultural adjustment podcast training series, Jennifer Kumar is a multicultural mentor who is looking forward to meeting you via phone, Skype, e-mail or in person to help you adjust better to American culture or your cross-cultural lifestyle whereever you live. To know more about how I can help you on your Authentic Journey, follow me on Facebook, visit my cross-cultural coaching website or send your questions to me at authenticjourneys@gmail.com. Thanks!

More Information on cross-cultural and multicultural adjustment help - click here.



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Updated April 2011

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