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Jan 23

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Saturday, January 23, 2010

Would you like to share about yourself, your culture and your experiences with the world?

I would like to get to know you! You are unique, your story and experiences are unique and interesting! Would you like to participate in an interview which is part of a cross-cultural understanding series?

Are you interested in sharing your culture? Your experiences?

By doing so, we can break down walls of misunderstanding; we can increase openness and genuine interest and understanding between each other. Though we all are unique, we also have something in common. Let’s uncover understanding and commonality so we can relate to each other about who we are! Let’s break down stereotypes and misconceptions! Let’s share unique trivia about our cultures that would open up new avenues of understanding and knowledge. Knowledge and understanding brings empathy. Empathy leads to understanding, a way to relate to each other, and increase peace and friendship!

Let’s make this a clearinghouse of understanding! A one-stop-shop of cross-and inter-cultural understanding! This is both a global and local initiative, with focus on Rochester, NY.

FAQ – Question and Answers

Who Can Participate?

You as an Individual
You as a representative of a cultural, interfaith, or spiritual organization in a community, college, university or other setting

How do I submit my answers

Write answers to your questions, e-mail it to me
Make a YouTube Video
Make an mp3
By chat/phone
In person, if in Rochester, NY area

What if I know a person who is deaf or doesn’t know English, can they participate?
YES! We need to find a translator or interpreter. Both will get credits in the article.

Can I submit photos?
Photos can be submitted, with permission of photographer.
Credits will be given.

Are interviews done on a volunteer basis? How long will it take?
Yes, you will not get paid for the interview. You will donate your time. It will take from 1-2 hours. If we get into an interesting discussion and want to talk longer, that may be possible. Each situation is unique.

Where will you post the interviews?

I will post them to my website.

Will you make money from these interviews?
I am planning on posting them only on my blog. On my blog, I am not making any money for these interviews; the public can watch/read/listen for free. If in the future, there is an opportunity to compile the information into another media format, I would contact you again for permission to reprint.


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