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Feb 1

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Monday, February 01, 2010

by Jennifer Kumar, Cross-Cultural Coach


Share Your Cross-Cultural Experiences

I have compiled a very long list of questions that you can answer to explore yourself regarding your life in other countries and cultures. Feel free to use these questions to interview yourself, to learn more about yourself on a deeper level. Living abroad can be fun and exciting, but when we learn about other ways of expressing life, it can hit us at our very core and values. Life is a learning expeirence whether we live abroad or stay in our hometown our entire life, use these questions as a guide line to explore yourself; a way to tell your story to yourself. You can also use these questions and answers as an outline to start writing your cross-cultural expat memoir.

If you'd like to send in the answers to your questions to have your story posted on this site along with the a list of other inspirational interviews, I'd be honored to have you join our list of ever growing contributors. Thank you.


Enjoy your cross-cultural authentic journeys.



What is your name (you can remain anonymous, too)?

If you provide your name: What is the meaning of your name? Is it a common name in your culture? Are you a male or female? (I can post a photo, if you’d like.)

What is your native country or culture?

Which language(s) is (are) your native language(s)?

Where do you live now?

Where are all the places you have lived?

Living or Staying Away from Home
How did you experience the culture of the different places you lived?

Have you experienced any place to be more open to outsiders than others? What are these places, and what aspects of them make them more open to outsiders?

Are there any aspects of other cultures you have lived in that you adapted into your life? What are these aspects/behaviors? How have they enriched your life?

Did you have to learn new languages when you moved to different places? Do you have some unique trivia about a language that you found out only after speaking it with locals?

What was interesting to you about the different places you lived or visited?

Is there anything about the culture, lifestyle or general knowledge of a place you had moved that surprised you or led to more awareness after you moved and found out the ‘truth’?

Learning about Other Cultures
How do you learn about other cultures or lifestyles while staying or living in one city?

What are some cultures or countries that fascinate you?

What entices you to learn more about these countries/cultures?

How do you find out more information about these cultures/countries?

What are some really interesting things you have learned about other cultures that you would like to share?

Which countries/cultures have you yet to experience that you want to experience?

Do you find opportunities to share about your culture with others? What are some topics others want to learn about your culture?

What are some aspects of your culture that you love and want to share with us?

What have you learned about your culture from an outsider that was interesting or curious to you?

Are you involved in cross-cultural, cultural, ethnic, international or expat organizations? Please share the names and links for the readers.

Do you work in a job that allows you to interact with people from different cultures or lifestyles? If so, share a little about what you do! Thanks.

Remaining Connected to your Native Culture
Is there a cultural group in your home-away-from-home that you attend? What is it called? How do you participate in this group? What are the main events or celebrations of this group?

Were you able to remain connected to your native culture? What aspects of your native culture are important for you to maintain and keep in your life?

Do you think it is easier to remain connected to your native culture in some places than others? Why is that?

What are some of the most interesting questions people have asked you about your country or culture you have never thought of before?

What are some unique trivia or facts you have learned about your own culture or country after moving abroad (and people asking you questions about it)?

Are there any misconceptions, myths or stereotypes about your country or culture that people outside your culture believe to be true? Are these statements valid? If you have lived in different countries, do different cultures and countries have different impressions (myths, misconceptions, stereotypes) of your country/culture? Share your thoughts, a few myths and your impressions on these myths.

As you adjust to different cultures or lifestyles, how does that affect your bond or connection with your native culture? Do you balance the aspects of different lifestyles? Share any examples that come to mind.

What do you like best about your native country or culture that you’d like to share with us!?

What qualities do you think your country or culture could benefit from another culture?

What are some qualities of your culture or country that you feel other countries or cultures could benefit from?

What are some of the best qualities you have found in your native culture and other cultures in the world? (Share at least three examples; list the country/culture and the trait. Teach us what the trait is.)

Lifestyle and Social Adjustment:

Are there any cultural or social norms or communication patterns that you had to adjust to? Are there some you don’t understand and find difficult to adjust to? Please share your experiences.

What are some tips or tricks you have learned to adjust to new places when you are a new resident?

Do you have any tips or strategies you use to make new friends with people from different cultures?

“Culture shock” and “reverse culture shock” are terms used when facing adjustment challenges in moving to new countries or back home. Have you experienced “culture shock” and/or “reverse culture shock”? Please share one or two examples.

Have you given advice to others about culture shock based on your own experiences? What are a few pieces of advice you’d give to someone about culture shock?

If you like to try foods from the different places you have lived, what are some dishes that are memorable or that you liked very much? What were some dishes you tried and did not like? Were there any foods you had that you did not expect to find in a particular place?

Moving Children Abroad

How did you prepare to move your son abroad? What do you think are the unique aspects of preparing a child to move abroad (or move in general) as compared to an adult? Do you think there are some issues that are common to both parents and children?

Changing Identity Through Citizenship
Have you changed your citizenship from your native citizenship? How does changing your citizenship affect your connection with your native and new cultures?

If you have changed citizenship, do you have any suggestions or advice for those thinking about changing their citizenship? Feel free to share a two or three pieces of advice.

As you adjust to different cultures or lifestyles, how does that affect your bond or connection with your native culture? Do you balance the aspects of different lifestyles? Share any examples that come to mind.

How does moving and adjusting to new cultures and lifestyles affect your personal growth? Your relationships with your family and friends ‘back home’? How do you think it would be different or similar if you had never left your hometown (native place)?

Questions from another Perspective
See this post for the questions-
On the Move: How have you absorbed culture shock?

I appreciate your interest in participating. If any other questions come to mind you would like me to add to this list, let me know. This list is not exhaustive.

Enjoy! Eager to get to know you and your culture!



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Do you relate to any of these expat stories? Maybe you're an international student, expat wife, in a cross-cultural relationship, considering an interfaith marriage, a 'third culture kid' (TCK), or someone finding it challenging to adjust to a new culture, lifestyle or country. Would you like some help to sort all that out? I am a cross-cultural coach and mentor,
contact me for details or see more details about what I do here.

Thank you for spending your time on Alaivani.com.

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