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Feb 5

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, LMSW, Cultural Adjustment Coach/Mentor
Friday, February 05, 2010

Cooking and Food

Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Seasons teaches us "by the blog", but here she takes us into cooking lessons 'By the Book'.

More wonderful collections of recipes from Nithya, Padmini Natarajan, Pavithra Elangovan, Sailaja Damodaran, and Shilpa on my cookery blog here.

Cultural Experiences

Clark Travels the World
Indians don't know how to have fun!
I was told, and believe it- that once you can appreciate jokes in another culture, you can fit in better. I think this is more pertinent to enjoyment, entertainment and having fun! It's not a question if the 'other' cannot have fun- but fun is just different in different cultures.
Relearning the alphabet from A to Zed
Clark experiences something I did about 10 years ago-the Tamil English accent is important to learn not only in speaking, but also in spelling alphabets! Listen and read more about my experience here.

Delhi Bound
At Arm's Length
What it feels like to try to make friends while in another country.
Foreigners in India experience "being forced" to enjoy the "foreigners only side" of the beach.
The Un-insured
A really interesting article comparing Indian health care and American health care.

Diary of a White Indian Housewife
Adjusting to having a Maid
Trials and tribulations of household help transcend cultures and languages!
I'm Never Buying Ready-Made Clothes again!

Global Post
Experiencing India's Bathrooms First-Hand
Hanna shares her experience in bathroom etiquette and hygiene differences while encountering different kinds of toilets across India.

Hindu Blog
Mundan Ceremony in Hindu Religion – Chudakarm Sanskar
Baby's first haircut is of cultural and spiritual significance in Hindu culture.
Why do we Hindus walk around the deity in a temple?
After praying, Hindus show deference and thanks to the god by circling the alter, temple or temple building as a whole. Ever wonder why?

Indians Abroad
You Never Feel at Home
Introspective on an average conversation with a newly arrived Indian in America. Here are some my my thoughts on this post- audio response.
NRI's misplaced Nostalgia of good old days

Neo-Indian Confessions of a Newly Returned Indian
20 signs that you’ve successfully made the transition to living in India
Interesting insights into reverse culture shock of a former Non-Resident Indian (NRI).

Slices of Kerala Life
Kerala brides – grooms come calling from far-off lands
Shyama shares how changing cultural scenarios tip the scales of matrimonial etiquette.

Blog and Business Advice

Should You Blog About the Same Topics as Everyone Else in Your Niche?
Ten Steps to Rock your Business Blog in 2010

Living Abroad/ Cross-Cultural Coaching

Culture Transition Blog
Cultural Communities - The Good and the Bad
Thoughts on the benefits and disadvantages of 'sticking to your own kind.'

Global Coach Center
To belong or not to belong: is that the choice we make when we move abroad?
Being a foreigner or expat- how do we know when we belong or have integrated into the local culture? Is it possible? Or, is there always a gap?


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